*NEW* Cath Kidston Fabric Pack

 So.... for the Fans of Cath Kidston and her amazing fabrics:
A pack of 5 large sheets Double Weave Cotton.
1 Cherry, 1 White Bird, 2 Florals and a Stone spot - all of these are my Favourites. Lord knows why i am selling them on!
 only available in the FABRICS section at:
my lovely store for buttons & bits that seems to be an endless list of updating and tweaking.
 In my http://paperfish.etsy.com/ store i have been listing these very cute
Button Tag Packs!
 Weeny Button Tags in packs of 5 that make awesome little gift tags for childrens gifts or to stick on a bottle of wine for a host gift. Also great to pop in party bags as favours for the more grown-up party bags.
 I have been making lots of Greetings Cards which has been great as i never get a chance to work with paper and fabric. I love how every card can be different and it doesn't matter. The freedom to make what i want, instead of stuff in 'batches'
 I love imagining 'who' will receive the cards and whether or not they like them.
It makes me feel proud. And it's always nice to receive a card from a friend.
 Tags lying all over, drying out...
They look so funny, like they are breeding at an alarming rate!
I have been doing very little of late, except go Running, Weight Training and Crafting.
Although i did go and see HANNA at the cinema the other day.
have you seen it advertised?
Good for those of us who are interested in Children and the innocence of children and childhood - that great painful chasm between the innocence and adolesence.
Good film but a 12A??? it was a bit Gory....
Maybe i'm a wimp? (But oooohh, Eric Banna...)

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