Sew Hip, who me....????

Well, not just me... but look who made a spot in this months 'SewHip' magazine?
My little Raspberry Tea Needlebook! Big thankyous to THIS LADY
It is such a lovely page and oh so very pink!?!
And there's my wee friend LUPIN with her brooch at the beginning.
We share a love of tea with others then Lupe?

It is a lovely feeling x
P.s. £8.80 when purchased in the UK not £12.50 as the USD conversion ;)

meet my mother...

...we begun to wonder whether Grandma's new carrot diet really was the best thing for her...? Bless.
It wasn't even Easter Day x

From Japan....!

I have so much to tell you all about...
Beauties i have been buying, Muchness i have been making, Sweetness to sell...
and THESE fabrics have finally arrived from Kokka in Japan - yippee! Joy because, i have many projects in mind for these!
I love this fabric with it's apples and mushrooms and polka dots (some of it might become a top)

Matroyshka's baby! and i have a whole BOLT of it x x x fresh and funky coloured cotton.
This will be so great when i make it into bunting as it compliments my collection of Cath Kidston fabrics. It has lots of spots and stripes and florals in it so also grrrreat for chopping into teeny tiny projects like hairclips and stuff...

This is just so good it hurts! A thick double weave cotton with a linen quality to it that i adore. the colour is a deep and juicy moss green with 'tea' coloured spots... eeekK

And because i am willing to share.... i am selling a few metres and half metres of each design over on Folksy.... BUY ME HERE but they are limited because i am also quite selfish and want lots for my own projects.
More new-ness and blogging to come soon x

Say Aaaaahhhh!

I am going a bit stir crazy!
Fatigue after a week of birthdays and badge making... I made these Beauties! they turned out nicer than i had envisaged.
These were a collection of badges which are to be used as 'gifts' at a Gallery exhibition launch... something fun and a little ephemeral

I love the colours and quirkiness, but the photos aren't great so all apologies x
Then i made the start of a new *fun* series of craft loving badges. I listed a couple in my UK Folksy Shop and hope to list a few in PaperFish Etsy too....

... i love my sewing machine - hell yes!

Over coloured on my photo manipulation programme because it gives them the fun look they are supposed to have - they are very colourful in real life too.

Crafty days
Exhausted evenings x

Some days are productive...

...other days, not so.
I love my Tuesdays - work day! So why was i using up all my work avoidance know how? Work avoidance #1 Photograph oneself, in various silly positions (the above being right at the end of a really good strreeeetttcchhh)
Work avoidance #2 Paint fingernails in lurid Yellow (i swear I am still pubescent... it doesn't look good on the 'kids' and isn't flattering to a 30 something - stop it Kirsty)

Work avoidance #3 This is a good one, because cutting and arranging and photographing felt could almost 'be' work... but it wasn't ( oh pretttyyy colours.... )

Work avoidance #4 Usually I can't wait for my break from her but i had a little play before she went off swimming with papa.

Work avoidance #5 THEee most shameful.... go out to the shops.
(stone me, stone me - I'm not the messiah I'm a very naughty boy) it was an only an hour or two!?!
...and buy OhSoGrownUpNearlyFiveYearOldFish 2 new dresses and hang them sweetly on the door where the look lovely....
KirstyFish slinks off in shame, cup of tea in hand and a good book under her arm...

Working from home...

My job is so tough... get me,
Firstly today i had sew sweet buttons and brooch bars on to finish these off... Then i had to photograph this new brooch - sigh, it is just too cute and I am loving it more than is healthy for a 34yr old child.

***KirstyFish is secretly working on new projects for children and this brooch forms part of the master plan***
Then i had to make myself some nice fresh coffee and finish off that last slice of chocolate Biscotti...

It was reeeaaaally tough when i was forced to sit and enjoy it sat in the sunshiney window of my Art Room, wearing thrifted dress that is oh so flowery...
...I might need a lie down after all this effort x

Things to do with your children.... Photo Shoots!!

You've gotta love photo shoot sessions, you never know who's head might get cut off... Ours often take place in the bathroom.... usually as there is great light in there BUT often because i happen to be in there... ALOT picking up wet towels and dirty clothes (a housewifes 'lot' - i used to be soooo rock n roll, tut tut)
My BigGirlFish is 5 this very week and we have very little in common....
She is sporty and socialable and loves TV - none of these things apply to me.
(Strike that pose Baby Grrl)

I love crafting and sewing and being on my own often... none of these things apply to her.

But we both love colour and fun and photography.
No, I am not actually sitting 'on' the toilet here.... i hope there are no Americans reading this? You don't like toilet humour do you, over the Atlantic....?!?
BigGirlFish took this before i was ready for my big finish.
Ahhh, photo shoots... give your kids the camera and see where they take you...

P.S loving my cowgirl boots there... hating that chunky thigh! x

All work and no Play....

My school-Marm look...
I have been working way too hard and though i LOVE it, i need to relax a bit too.What's been going on?
New needlebooks on the production line... a few new designs and some of them repeats. I still love making these and they might be my fav product to sell...
But i also love making BUNTING because, although i play about with the fabric combinations for ages 'before' sewing.... once they are made up and ready to hang you get to really see how bright and fun they are. These are a 'b*gger' to make and a joy to sell.
The bubbly one above is my current favourite! so party-esque.

This one above is called 'Frida' as in Kahlo and it is sort of Morocco / Spain / Fiesta in style.
And the line below is a Retro Party mix. Spots and flowers, mmmmm....

Now, i have felt to cut, childrens paint brushes to clean, scissors to stack, bags to pack for a craft fair tomorrow, a child to dress and a supermarket to visit............. I need a day off!

Yes, i scrapbook too!...

So, i used my new stash for:
A page for 'My' book - the cutout city scape paper and the number stamps... A work in progress (the page and the child)

Lots of papers and sparkle stickers...
Hand and machine sewing on this polka dot and birdy page...

I was really pleased with how this idea turned out... a strip of Owls with ribbon tags all the way down either side... a page about 'Tuesdays with Daddy' x
There was more, but this was a little taster. Scrapbooking is really something i do for me and it's nice to share but it's nice to keep some things 'just for me' x

yum yum x new stash

Just *had* to buy the new crafty range from AMERICAN CRAFTS x
Oh the joy... I don't get much time to scrap anymore what with a vey active 5yr old and my lovely crafting business, but these inspired me straight away...
Plus the Polka Dots (lurve) and the Owls and the Birdies....

And then some house / suburban / urban living scapes too, I have already used some of alllll these designs.
And these fantastic Doodle-style number stamps.
All bought from SARAHS CARDS

So I am off to do a bit of scrapbooking now....
Happy Easter Weekend x

Cold Neck...

Today marks the start of a few CRAFT WITH CHILDREN posts...
#1 easy scarves
Tuesday was just a 'touch' nippy as i was sat at the sewing machine or cutting fabric all day.
Now, I am a great fan of the 'scarf' as a warming accessory but it can in the way of ones work (visions of myself getting the scarf caught under the sewing machine and being sewn into a line of bunting) So.... TA DA!!>>> i had a good rummage through a basket of mine - a basket full of felted old wool sweaters... I cut the bottom off an old felted sweater and made me a neck warmer / scarflette / cowl thingy.
It was especially nice as it was ribbed. When i turned it inside out there was a fantastic seam that had a bumpy effect - too nice to hide so i used it the wrong side out.
No need to worry about cutting holes in as it is FELTED and won't fray (lurrve felt!)
Then i added two yummy huge buttons....

A few dramatic fashion shots to give you the full perspective...
An easy peasy project for any age or ability.

The possibilities are endless ...This huge cowl below is the entire body of a VERY felted chocolate brown jumper. It has been doubled over and pinned in place by a very big button brooch.

It's an easy project and fun to recycle x


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