My (crafty) day today...

I had a hectic day today. I was going to document everything i did today whilst out and about and share it with you all (it was interesting, honest!) BUT... i forgot to take my camera. So...
mainly my day involved FELT BALLS (see picture above) i counted and bagged many hundreds.

I was overlly INSPIRED by my daughters awesome patio chalk pictures x

I cut out LOTS of felt today for some marathon sewing sessions tomorrow.... as Tuesday is my sewing day.
This is a Christmas heart ready for its finishing touches....
My friend Sally was supposed to be docmenting and blogging her day today too... i wonder if she has? Pop over and take a look for me would you? let me know... x SALLY's DAY

I had to share one or two holiday pics x

Puppy...... MIND THAT WAVE!!!!
The man .... drinking a coffee...

It was a GORGEOUS cafe in Dartmouth... (we love Dartmouth x)
And the plant on our table looked sooooo good in it's mucky terracotta pot, against the sea green painted woodwork....
And you can stay up top too and they do brilliant breakfasts ... and this was the day our daughter spent with the grandparents so we did lots of grown-up coffee drinking and shop browsing...
And THIS >>>>> is the light of my life, sharing her pebble find with me X
It is sort of good to be home, but i so want to live down in Devon......

I'm not on holiday anymore

I returned from my week off to find a little list of sales to attend to .... always a pleasure!
But since then it has been full steam ahead. I have been making xmas decorations like a little factory. I find myself such a hard task master. I would ideally like to sack myself and employ someone less .... demanding.... But then, i'd never get any work done! X

Cut new buttons photo ahhhhhh x

New needlebook designs....

P.S I'm on Holiday!

I'm just having a short break in the South of England for a week. Be back on Friday 19th September. Don't miss me too much x

A little light reading for the lazy days....


I have posted previously on my needlebooks but thought i would to take the opportunity to show you a few new ones. I am going to keep updating the needlebook posts because i keep making new designs. And every time i make a new one, i think ... "this is my favourite". Then i'll find another design or fabric and i say to myself..... "THIS is my favourite". And so it goes on x

I intend to photograph the new TEA PARTY needlebook tomorrow Plus make a new 'Dachsund' and new 'Rainy days' book too.
Thanks for looking x

Pampered Pooch

I am owned by a Diva of a dog, a real pampered pooch - chocolate labrador!
Yes, she is my first love (all dog mummies know what i am talking about)
When i first made a 'doggy product' to sell, i think it was a card with doggy stickers and paw prints... it was a top seller.

Since then, i can see just how devoted people are to their poochies.
I made this Pampered Pooch Brooch to see if my customers loved it as much as i do. And they do!
I have one listed in my etsy shop but, to be honest, i never to get to make enough for the craft stall let alone list on etsy.
Hope you like him?

I love wearing brooches.
They have so much ... personality!


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