MaKe Crafting event - Monday APRIL 5th

APRIL 5th 10am - 4pm
Wolverton MadCap Theatre, Milton Keynes....
Last time, there was great cake and some music and awesome craft stalls.
I will be there with some of my handmade stuffs and with loads of Crafting supplies

Hope to see you there!? x
P.s I am doing this MAKE & TAKE table for the younger visitors to come and have a go at making their own textile bracelets - well worth bringing the young ladies!?

Giant SPOTTY buttons anyone??

BigFish now stocks big big big spotty buttons in 4 colours.
The RED (not pictured) and the *new* Raspberry Pink, Teal and Grape. So unusual, colourful and fun :)
Limited Time only - Elderflower buttons - the colour of the Elderflower Plant / subtle homemade lemonade...
This *new* pink - called Blush!
Warmer than a Baby Pink but much softer than the Hot Pink already stocked. Very cute.
And this limited edition: Spring Bouquet - 100g mix of flowers, Elderflower, Blush, Heather, Grass Green.
I love mixing up the button combinations.... x

Rock & Roll Sunday Fair...

Sunday. The local indoor Rural Market.
It is a market held 4 times a year to support local, independant, rural traders. It's all for sale, everything from Crafts to Chutney... Walking Sticks to sausages... and PaperFish likes to get involved!

I had a smaller stall than usual. I have been concentrating on new web business so i hadn't got such a huge stock to offer...
I also wanted space to set out a table for Children - you remember how it was when you were little? being dragged around places of a weekend with your parents stopping to chat every 5 minutes and you weren't allowed to touch or buy anything....? i hated that: children need fun :)
So i had an extra table and chairs next to me where children were offered the chance to make some exciting bracelets from various beads, buttons and ribbons... it was so much fun (as always!)
The bracelets were great! very imaginative and all quite different.
I was worried stupid about the huge needles we had to thread the felt beads - luckily, no major accidents and the results were worth it.
Sisters getting stuck in...
And my star of the day - Pretty Pollyanna, who managed to make a huge threaded necklace and matching bracelet. She worked so hard on it and talked non-stop the entire time. I barely had a bead left!
Of course, the advantages of helping set up the Market - is i get to choose which stall is next to mine :)
Naturally i chose the local Chocolate Makers (originally from Finland!) Their chocolate is amazing and the couple who run the business are such lovely people. We talked children and the politics of 'formal education'... it was all very continental.... and yummy.
A new lady at the market - it is a shame she has no website because her stained glass creations are just sooo lovely. There was a really high standard of good quality stalls and it was a great atmosphere.
My girl and me bought matching kitten friends and pottery mice for them to chase... (mine is pink, hers is blue)
And the lady with the knitted glories was selling her items for less than the materials used to make them... dolls around £3.50... kittens £1 a piece.....
I know, it DOES make life difficult for those of us trying to make a living from this.... but it is her hobby and her life. Who am i to criticise her pricing? she was colourful and fun to have on board.
Lastly and by no means least-ly (?) i popped The Fudge Man right in front of me...
Pardon?... are you accusing me of spending all my pocket money on handmade chocolates and fudge?... that would be very rude of you and simply quite untrue.
(They had freebie tasters of everything)
I sold a few pieces and took some orders for bunting. Then i went back to my parents and helped PaFish cook up Sunday Roast Dinner. A neighbour came round to talk with me about cars, randomly, and i finished the day watching Antiques Roadshow.
It ain't Rock and Roll Folks, but it's my kind of a Sunday.

365/9 Move along please

365/9 i love my job
Originally uploaded by kirstyfish
There's nothing to see here...
The blog suffers from a lack of light, colour and inspiration whilst Kirsty does grown-up things.

Does colour coding the paperwork COUNT toward actually 'doing' the paperwork, hmmmmm..... ?

Vintage Fair x shopping fun...

Vintage Fair FunIt brings so much pleasure.... The possibilities... The discoveries, the frivolity xxx

365/5 The Birthday

365/5 The Birthday
Originally uploaded by kirstyfish
Ugghhh, birthday today.
I know, i know, i do know - but i cannot help it....
I find my birthday difficult on so many levels.

Maybe i will 're-post' my birthday when i have tried harder to like it.

Project 365

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Welcome to my world: Me Myself I
As regular blog readers, you have been most welcome in my world for a long while now :-)
BUT, over on FLICKR i have started a *new* project.
ONE photo, every day, taken of Oneself, BY oneself, for a full 365 days... i am very frightend of  what might (and might not) happen xxx
Wish me luck!?

Hooray for shopping handmade - on

I bought this huge bow for my head - how amazing? I love it so much, from HERE DollyKnits.
I have bought a bunny print from this delicious artist DEEBEALE and i sooo badly want her new FOX print in Autumn Orange...

This shop THE LINEN CAT is just stunning. I have so many things on my 'Wish List' from here and i bought every girl in my life a Lavender Bunny each :)

I love these sachets - so vintage x i bought my mum one - Ragged Roses

AND last, but by no means least... i *might* be this artists biggest fan...? I have erm, 4 of her prints and several cards. She is just fantastic and they are every bit as gorgeous in *real* as they are in her photos = ZEBEDEE

I had to share all that with you... they are inspirational artists x

The Art of Tea, Manchester...


and MrsB

Tea & Food

Friendship x

The Pegs Rock too....

Still showing you some of the amazing new supplies that i have coming in for Spring...
I cannot stop playing with a box of these pegs - 2inch long (5cm) and sooo colourful :)

A bargain at $8.50 in the BigFish etsy shop. They are limited, i have about 8 boxes...
Show me what you make with your box and i'll feature you on the blog x

and Sherbet Stripe Buttons...

Couldn't resist these....
Perfect colours for your Spring Projects...

Just under 2cm each = 3/4inch.
A snip at £4.50 / $9.00 for 10

Reels of Ribbon, Oh My!

I did warn you.... lots of yummy new things arriving.
I cannot help myself - i feel like i should be apologising? But i go through my little imagination and i wonder "if i didn't sell craft supplies, what is it i would like to be buying?"

Reels of Ribbon would certainly be on my list.
Each mini reel is just shy of 2metres per colour. Sold in a pack of 5... about 9 metres in total.
And *ugghhhh* i love the colours!

Grossgrain. 6mm wide. 6ft long. Non-washable. £7.00
5 reels of utter Spring cuteness - bring on the sunshine.... i am READY!

Pssst... there are lots of new things arriving...

Nothing about me, myself and I over the next week or so - it's all Crafty :)
Busy busy with life and the shops:
*NEW* Pretty Shell Button Mix - so lush...

Perfect for pretty projects, jewelery and accessories - flower centres... i haven't even had a play with these myself yet!
Keep your crafty eyes peeled, there will be more!


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