Button Bouquets! Pure JOY!

Maybe these Button Bouquets are not everybody's idea of GORGEOUS!? Maybe you have to be a bit of a button nut to appreciate them? But I have had a commission from a  Hetro-man for these, so not just 'girly' fun.
 Having found myself in a total crafting DESERT of late, these button stems have been the perfect thing to get my head and heart back into 'creating'. I haven't had a thing in me that has wanted to create or think about prettiness at all. I haven't been shopping / scavenging for vintage and i haven't even been sewing. Broken life and broken heart maybe? Tired..... whatever the reasons, i have a mini-mojo returning.
 I swear, if the buttons themselves don't turn me on, my Tungsten Carbide cutters would do it alone. I love a gadget. I love a bit of technology. As MrsB said to me, when she poked into the studio, "How very You Kirsty, to use high tech digital scales for weighing, but have a vintage bowl on top to the hold the buttons"

 Anyway - Button stems are truly addictive and many many people make these sooo beautifully on Etsy. The Americans have this craft 'licked' my friends. They use them in a big explosion as wedding bouquets!! for baby showers and for their interior decor.
I am thinking that these would be STUNNING on the tables at a wedding? You could have them in the centre and tie a placename to individual stems - making it a favour too?
 The more stems you have in a bunch, the better they look.
The possibilities are endless. It is so calming and satisfying and QUICK (You know i have no attention span for a lengthy project) So many variations. The more buttons you have to choose from, the better, which is obviously easier for a crafter like me, hey!?
I have put mine in a big jar of bells because they need to be sat in something that can spread the stems out - otherwise they'll just fall to one side in a heap. OR the other option is to use a very narrow necked jug or vase - remembering that these stems are made using thick gardening / floristry wire so you can bend and manipulate their shapes.

You can add felt bases and leaves. I chose not too as i have been 'off' sewing :( but i think they do look very special. You could use leather or even cardboard as a base - that would look awesome.

Ever lasting Button Bouquets.
I have listed some for sale in my http://www.lovepaperfish/ shop online but really they are more fun to make yourself. If you are going to do these for a huge party or wedding or event you could buy bunches / stems off many different people, for starters and inspiration, then make a load yourself.
Make it cheaper by mixing new and more expensive buttons with a load of vintage / jumble / ebay button finds? Just make sure you have plenty of bigger ones... that is why i bought the Zebedee buttons as they are the perfect base size.
Have fun - whatever you're making x


Pink Milk said...

They're blooming gorgeous, what a fab idea!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

They are really amazing - and buttonlicious too!!!

Sarah said...

They are lovely! I have a huge button stash to use up, so thank you for the inspiration. My buttons are mostly small though, so I'll have to try it with craft wire.

HechizoCR said...

I love the buttons I like your Crafts
Greetings from Costa Rica!

Fancy Vintage said...

I love them so much, They are so cute!
I love buttons too, I have loads of tins of them, my boys like playing with them too, have to train them early to be arty!

PaperFish! said...

yes - you can easily make smaller ones with much thinner wire - it is the best way to make smaller button stacks as glue is really unstable on plastic buttons - good luck!


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