It wouldn't be Monday Morning without a shop Pimp, now would it?

 What a Windy day?
I don't know about where you are but, here it is Blowy and i'm feeling a bit Dorothy, scared that if i step outside i will have landed in Oz!?
 "Ding Dong the Witch is (which old Witch?) the Wicked Witch
Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is dead....."
 *new* buttons (what else?)
I have been making up packs of Button Brooch Party Favours which are just so cute and muchos fun. I'm not greedy though. I'm not the sort of person who would keep all these to herself.
They are too fun not to pass on.
1.25inch / 3.4cm - a great big size and i would LOVE to see what people have been making with these.
Personally, i'd love to see used on knitwear or as bag / purse fasteners. The are so vibrant. A real statement button.
 This new blue stripe is gorgeous and just makes my heart ache. So nautical :)
This is what i have named 'Denim Blue' - i love it.
I am listing these in single colour sets and in mixed colour sets.
 And i have always been a complete girly polka dot fan... but i find myself loving these stripes so much more?
Every colour i have in Stripe i have in Spots - 10 colours.
 Raspberry, Strawberry (pale) Sky Blue, Denim Blue, Purple, Vanilla, Mint, Orange, Aqua, Red
In both designs.
 And Button Tags.
I know. I win no awards here for complex craft design but.... not everybody has a big stash of buttons to glue onto tags (can you believe that?)
And also, i have been packing these into stacks of 10 as cute party favors.
Imagine a party bag filled with button tags? a button brooch? chocolate.....
*kirsty dreams of greatest party bags in the world, ever*
 In other excting news:
The GARDEN ROOM - Hair and Beauty salon, Upper Boddington
now holds a small stock of PaperFish products.
You don't need an appointment to pop in - you can just go round and shop, if you want.
They are holding:
Cards & Gift Tags
Lavender Patchwork Hearts
Purses and Tissue Holders
Button and Felt Brooches
and the range will be extending soon. If you're local - pop in for a last minute gift?
Egad, i had such a busy week last week - so much on my mind.
I managed a RRRRuuuuuNNN this morning so now i need a bowl of fruit, a big fat coffee and 2 hours under the sewing machine.
Have a great Monday xxxx don't get blown away and avoid all Witches.


Mrs B said...

the wind, the wind! Crikey me!!

love your button love!


Ruby Reloved said...

Oh my goodness, what lovely buttons *sigh* I was thinking the exact same thing about the wind, especially as my school are currently rehearsing for a Wizard of Oz production!


Varróka said...

Super buttons!!!! I like it :D

Angel Jem said...

Standing on a reception playground thinking why didn't I have long hair so that I could tie it back and wishing I had some big red polka dot buttons. Thanks for answering my wild windy wish.

PaperFish! said...

not reallllly long hair? it could wrap itself around you and choke you?????

Alison Wood said...

Just to let you know that your fab spotty buttons have made an appearance in my latest Art of Crafts showcase :-)


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