Bountiful Button Brooches...

 So many cute Button Brooches, all piling into the PaperFish Shops.
 I think it is because i have attended so many children's parties since we started school in September?
 Or, maybe, because i the run the bar for so many weddings at our local hall...?
 And definately because these have flying off the PaperFish Craft stall and from my wee retail outlet.
 That is why i have been making so many Button Brooches.
They are so easy - i'm not trying to show you i am any great design genius... they're buttons, made into brooches.
 They make the most awesome little gifts for yourself. I think i have become addicted to wearing them (gulp)
but even better than that, they are fun and FUNKY party favors / favours.
Every party i have sold these for have said they are "really unique" and "fun" and something they loved taking home. Awesome feeling :)
 But the Button Brooches are things i have whipping up in batches when i find a spot in my day (and a clear surface to dry them out on)
I have been sewing lots AND making some well needed and long overdue THANKYOU cards.
For a few people who i need to say belated thanks to.
They are very quick and easy to make - well, you know me! But they are sweet and say what they are intended to say xxx

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Mrs B said...

preeeeeetty post! made me smile x


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