Building CASTLES at the Craft Cafe

Today was such great fun and I am TOTALLY exhausted!
Our theme for todays Crafting Chaos was "Castles & Fairy Tales" (at my daughters request, who then wanted to make space rockets when we got set up)

We had 22 children and young teens today which was a good turnout as the weather was SUNNY!!
And, as always, i am in awe at these kids' brilliance! They humble me. Their imaginations are limitless and their enthusiasm is catching.

I told all my young friends - and their mums / dads / grandads! that i would post their EXCELLENT huge castle (with all the add-ons and wonderful extras) on the website ... so they could show their friends and family.
Gorgeous huh?Thank you guys,
you know who you are x

Lets talk a bit about BUTTONS !

I buy my buttons wholesale ... in bulk ... imagine that box when it arrives at my front door? I can barely breathe I am so excited. You can do so much with buttons and they add instant colour and fun to any project. They are easy to use for children who want to try sewing and adults, who doubt their own capabilities. You customise anything with buttons...

They are made and dyed in the UK so no 'unethical' working conditions from Asian suppliers. (I have also met the team who make these and they are quite happy with their working conditions)
I started buying in bulk because i USE so many (see the SnowFish etsy store!) but people kept asking me if i sold buttons i bagged some up and started to sell them in my travelling UK shop and they sold out so quickly, i had to start stocking more. THEN i thought i would try selling them on etsy too .... then i opened the supplies shop and it has been a real joy to run.
A very different satisfaction from selling my own 'handmade' items because i get to chat to talented crafters and artists about what their new projects are. So thanks all you button addicts x x x

Using THE beads...

I must have sold many hundreds of these - into thousands? over the last few months. I have never really had a good play with them myself however.

So this is my first 'listing' of a felt ball decorated bracelet. I really like and hope it inspires you to have a go yourself? It is rather therapeutic to stick a needle into a soft hairy ball! But really, it is the COLOURS that i love....

NEW Fairtrade stock

My Garden!!! With ***NEW*** fairtrade scarves billowing in the breeze.
I am living in a Moroccan Souk! If only i could
keep these on the washing line. My garden looks amazing. The colours fill my soul!And for those of you who are as obsessed with FELT as I am ...
I dare not show you these NEW 'Octavia' bags. Too much goodness, my eyes are sore x

I have lots of beautiful Fairtrade stock alongside my own handmade creations. I have lots of fairs and shopping events booked, but if you don't live near me you can always email me and list what you want. You can purchase through Paypal or personal cheque (UK only) just email me x

P.S The ever popular 'Rose Bag' (above) is available in RED, BLUE, PINK or GREEN

New Beach Hut Bunting

Summer Days...
An English Beach Hut...
Rock-Pooling with a Bucket and a Bandy Net.
..Little Fish loves the Sunshine! x

Meet Rosemary.... a lesson for crafters x

My 4 year old received 'Rosemary' (she named her this) for her Birthday.
She has been handmade by someone who calls themselves "Dotty About Dollies" - anyone heard of this crafter??
We ADORE Rosemary!
We want more Rosemary's to create an entire 'Rosemary Family'!My daugher and I are in-love with Rosemary.
The Crafter never added their details in any way so we shall never find her for repeat sales.
"Hooray" for gorgeous Rosemary who brightens our days...
"Boo Hoo" for she who made Rosemary, we wonder who you are?


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