If i called these Zebra Buttons, does that matter?

 Because i do knooooow that Zebras are striped. But they just say ZEBRA to me.
So i called them Zebra Buttons.
*a bit happy with these*
 And then i listed a mixed bag of the Zebra with the new Mushroom Stripe and i called this bag the
"Zebedee Button Bag" don't ask me the logic behind this. I just get a feel for a button bag and i have to name it so.
Again, i bought lots of these as i have been making Button Bouquets and they are nice n fat n big to have at the bottom of the stack.
 Never seen a Button Bouquet?
Fear not - i'll blog what i have been doing in the next day or so. They are super fun but very addictive!
Customers ask why i sell in my buttons in so many mixed varieties and it is because:
a) they look pretty and inspiring
b) if you buy them in bulk, rather than in ones or pairs, i can give a much better price on them.
c) some people want many buttons the same / identical and some crafters need a real mash up of stuff so i try to get a balance of both.
 Inspired by the sunshine, i decided to make a few flower brooches too, with the felt flowers.
Too, too easy but now i have some brooches to add to my basket for Summer shopping trips.
 AND.... get me, i have been sewing again! I know, it seems like so very long since i did any sewing, but i got the urge and so i went with it. Patchwork Lavender Hearts (as yet un-photo'd)
 In between a few long dog walks, to make the most of this sunshine before the wet weather finds us again.
Aaaaahhh, Pooch... i did, in fact, need that Tennis Ball before you punctured it, you beast.

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Stephie said...

Ooooo I love thos buttons and I really like your way of thinking for the naming of them!

Stephie from www.stephiestreasuretrove.blogspot.com/


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