MINI Craft Kits for sale...

I have put together this MINI Craft Kit really with children in mind (but don't be put off if you are an adult treating yourself!)It has 10 different coloured squares of felt - as seen in the pictures.
4 Brooch Bar Back
A selection of Buttons
2 half metres of Gingham Ribbon.A total cost of £6.00 including postage and packing.
Want one? Just email me with your name address, item/s you want and i will send you a Paypal invoice for the total amount.
Easy shopping x

And the WINNER is ...

I have to keep the name and address of my WINNER private (internet safety with children you understand) but THIS is the winning picture from our competition at the April 'Craft Cafe'.
The Competition was "Draw an ALIEN using only pens/ crayons".

We decided on JON for the winner because his was the ALIEN that looked least like a human being! This Alien was certainly the most imaginative we saw. It was hard judging the pictures though, they were truly ALL fantastic.
JON was sent a small prize through the post! x


I've got Pins and Needles...
My most recent ***new*** designs are my Needle Books. I have put them for sale in the BigFish shop because they seem, to me, to be more of a 'supply' item?

I am really pleased with they way the design worked. I am sure this is because it was designed and made 'for the job'. I was taking my sewing tin everywhere and the needles were being carried stuck in pieces of felt .... and a thought struck me ...
I am a DESIGNER and a MAKER for goodness sake!! Surely i could solve this needle issue...? And so the Needle Book was created.

There are 8 pages in the book (4 double sided felt discs) and 6 sides to use for your pins and needles storage. I like the 'book ring' binder too. I think it looks 'modern' and a contemporary edge for a new generation of 'renegade crafters' x
Not that anyone needs an excuse for a needlebook you understand... they're just nice to have.

How do i shop in GBP when the prices are in $$$ ?

For those of you who are new to / never heard of 'etsy' it is like a BIG department store where anyone, globally, can sell their handmade items and craft supplies.
My 3 online shops are Linked on the right-hand side of the page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
PaperFish sells stuff i make - cards, bunting, badge, brooches.
BigFish sells suplies - felt, felt balls, ribbon, buttons.
SnowFish - is dedicated to the LOVE of Christmas.

Yes my fellow Brits - it is all in American Dollars. You can shop easily through the web stores and pay using PayPal. They do all the conversion for you so you don't need to know anything! Well, you should really know that the current exchange rate is approximately $2 = £1 so just HALVE the price on etsy and that is what the GBP is.

You can shop from me directly too. If you see something you like from any of the shops or advertised on "Little Fish" - see my email address at the top - and mail me your shopping list WITH YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the full amount plus postage. Then, when the money is transferred, i can send your item. It is easier than shopping online with the 'middle man' removed.

Thanks for reading LITTLE FISH x


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