Today was quite un-crafty

Forgive me my UN-craftiness? I can barely bring myself to produce a blog post today!
Tuesday is my one 'mega' craft day of the week and all i managed were a few photos and cut a few felt shapes. I have run around like a mad woman doing 'jobs'. By 4pm all i had eaten was a Jam doughnut and a box of Apple Juice.
Still, i thought you'd like to see what i did... ABOVE shot - me on quick sugar high from Jam Doughnut.

New crochet toys delivered for selling on the Christmas Craft stall. YES, i feel bad that these aren't handmade but they look so cute sat with all the handmade lovliness i thought you might like them?

Ooops, me kissing the crochet toys. I do silly things alot. And sometimes i forget and i do silly things in public. I am just glad my 4yr old sees it as 'funny mummy' now, because in 10 years time i have to explain: "Mummy can't help it darling, she is a little bit mad"

So, i did stop at 4pm for a sit down and some Fish Fingers. The Toddle-Fish wanted Mama loving and who was i to deny her that?

Scream... this is what she and Daddy had made when i came in from the Post Office. The whole house was dark and i couldn't think where they were .... then i saw a glowing face in the playroom and... mmwwaahhhaaaaaha - THE PUMPKIN! (now being fed chips for dinner)

Then .... it snowed!
Bizarre day!

Hope you guys were craftier than me today? X

Back to Bunting...

Well, it was a bunting week. The ABOVE set, I have struggled to photograph well. You know, darker Winter days and my inability to use a camera effectively. It is called 'Gingerbread Cottage window Bunting' - super cute in Ginger and red spotty fabrics with buttons all the way along the top to represent 'sweets' or 'candy'.
I sold a line within a day! So that made me feel really good x

This is my line from last year. Bright red and Green polka dots with little silver bells on the end of each pennant. They sold really well last year but i can't find the same fabric again !!!! i HATE it when i do that. So there are only 2 or 3 of these left now.
Note to self: always purchase more polka dot than you think you will need!...
I also said to myself "Kirsty, NO more bunting till next year - you are tooooo busy"
But, look, ....i saw these fabrics and i simply could not wait. I made this set of pennants the same night i purchased the fabrics. Sigh x i love it. It is called 'Emily Bunting' x

And when you are making one line of bunting, it makes sense to make a few. This is called "Hawaii Stars" - you see why (all in Cath Kidston fabrics)
So i did have a very busy 'Back to Bunting' week.

How did i manage to fit in some new Button / Badge packs too?
... i work too hard.
Chat soon x

This week ... i was at a fair...

Tuesday... my usual Tuesdays are spent under the sewing machine or under a pile of half finished button adorned creations. BUT today was different. I was at a Christmas Gift fair.
A very nice fair because it was with a few ladies i know and who are very lovely.
The Gift tags above are something i sell on my craft stall but never get time to list in the SnowFish shop (sigh)

I took 'George' along for company (my old shop dummy) - he wasn't on his stand today but sat right next to me on the table, so that was someone to chat to... he had a few more brooches pinned to him than that though.
Ever the efficient crafter, i sat sewing whilst i was in 'position' behind the stall (many sellers favor standing in front nowadays, or to the side, but I am essentially a crafter and demonstrator so i like a sit and sew place)

I sold many felt bags in bright colours and many Fairtrade scarves - also very colourful!

I also sold many of these yummy Peacock sequin flower decorations that i am just in-love with.
They have a crocodile clip underneath so you can clip them to a gift or to your tree or to yourself ... Colour and Functionality, my two joys x
And later this week, I am going to try and show you my new Scrapbook albums - finally something made for ME and not for the etsy shops x

Thanks POUCH!

This week I have been lucky enough to be associated with the talented and eco-lovely POUCH !
POUCH makes Peg-bags and Owls and Totes and Belts ... all in funky retro prints and reclaimed fabrics, MMMmmmm a thrifty girl after my own heart.

I could eat this fabric ... those colours and cute wooden Dolly Pegs. If I had reclaimed THIS fabric i would have squealed in delight!...
So i said to POUCH, "Listen - Lu Summers cards have all gone to good homes, can i please rub shoulders with you too?" - "Oh, alright then Fishy" she said... and sent me some great cards and badges to pass on to my deserving customers.

Thanks so much!
I really like your MOO cards too because your colourful fabrics look so good on these little business cards...

Yeh for artistic and handmade-y friendships x

Ribbon Shopping...

Do i need to add words??? Is there a reader that *neeeds* an explanation? .... There isn't room in my mouth for all the salivating that's gone on today.
Most people can say "I popped into Morrisons today" ... i can say "I went ribbon shopping"!!

And YES, photographed, uploaded, listed in the shops within 2.5hrs of walking through the door.
It isn't selling that I am actually addicted to.... it's 'sharing' and they look soooo good when they are captured on a digital image.

Checks and Polka Dots and Tartans and oranges and browns and greens.... i didn't buy enough ( i know that now)

Oh and PINKS mmmmmm i didn't realise i had so many different pinks! Yummy for the pink fans.
There are some in the shop and I have put a few mixes in because i thought they would make great wrapping and tag making for Christmas and Thanksgiving x
So, "that's a wrap"!

It is Tuesday again... Let's PARTY!

Sultry me in the very salubrious photography studio, also used as a bathroom. (i hope you can't see up my nose there?) Please note, *NEW* cardie. I rather like my sripey little Thrift find.

Loving this photo ... i want it made into postacards (puts on list of things to do....) pretty pretty pinks and lilacs and yumminess... I am such a *girl* but i make no apologies for that.

Also a good shot ... I am literally on fire today!!! If only i could get ALL the balls in focus :(
New supplies - i tll you, they can inspire you in so many ways x

I call the above balls - "Mouldy Fruit" x

Nice piccy. A supplier sent me this 'ready made' ... listen, it is pretty and all that BUT my etsy customers can do a bit more than that with their balls! Just posted the photo to show you my great new top again and because i just love colour!!!!

Those Boots...

I didn't realise people would want to see the BOOTS too!
I do have a habit of writing Blog Posts and attaching photographs that only tell half the story...
I am wearing them around the house and patio, scuffing and softening in an attempt to 'break them in' for the evening of Barn Dancing and 'dosey doe-ing' on Saturady Night.
Readers and Blog commenters (you know who you are!) I told you... which looks best? Cute shoe and customised leggings? Or hideous Boot of the Cowboy variety????
I had to include the last random shoe photo (taken by the 4yr old) because no blog post would be complete from me, if it didn't have the strange picture xOh, P.S .... YYYyyeeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaaaH!

No fan of the High Street....

I am no real lover of High Street shopping - but the Charity / thrift shops having FAILED me in my search for cowboy boots, i went off in the dreaded ... Milton Keynes (sorry to the locals of that soul-less sea of commercialism)

Please.... i need cowboy boots for a Saturday night fancy dress 'Barn Dance' NOT because a mum of 33 looks 'gooood' in them!

Anyway, walking back through John Lewis i saw this GORGEOUS tin with a mug inside. I collect lovely mugs and tins (who doesn't!?) and this was £5. Yummy DECOLE in it's style and what a price. That will make a great Christmas Gift for someone....

Yeh, right..... it was MINE as soon as i walked through my back door. Wrapper off and used as a prop in a photo right there and then. Nice though hey?Even the fantastic cardboard packaging shouts out "CRAFT PROJECT" to me!
Chat soon blog peoples x and fellow High Street groaners x

Today is a Tuesday...

Today is a Tuesday.
Tuesday is my only real work day in the whole of the seven day week. I rush around doing all the big bits and try to make the most of my daughter free day. I had a strange day on this Tuesday... slightly manic with lots of rushing and feeling stressed. I don't like feeling pressured, it doesn't suit me so... i had to go get some chocolate and run a bath to put things back into a managable perspective.
BUTTON MIX - a new mix called 'Prom Night' - it is a yummy collection of Pastels / Peacock / Pearls and Polka dots ...

Then i made this .... the cutest little Button Wreath in a 'Shaker style' to match my Shaker Hearts in the SnowFish etsy shop. I made a huge colourful button wreath for my house last year, so this is a mini version of it in reds and whites and pearls.
I cut a few more Shaker Hearts ..... (see above)

Me, getting my arse into gear and getting down to the Post Office. I am lucky that my Post Office is soooo freindly because i had about 20 parcels (gulp) they have 2 'windows / counters' and i avoided the lunch rush - they appreciate my consideration x
Boxes to send and boxes arriving .... it has been chaotic. Now i need to finish a large box going off to CANADA!!! In time for Christmas x

My Friend Lu Summers

NO! That isn't Lu (she pretty lady) THAT horror is me....Having trouble sleeping at the moment. Worries about this and that.
Too many late nights sat at the laptop surfing etsy, flickr, etc...

But ooh la la ... LU SUMMERS! A new friend of mine. I feel honoured - look at me rubbing cyber-shoulders with a proper artist person.....
And how lush is this fabric?
And her photos are always so staged and spectacular and enviable ,,, yet so simple and heart warming... go see for yourselves because my stealing her photos doesn't give you the full LU Summers experience -
Lovely Lu sent me these ACE badges that i would love to keep! But hurrah for you guys because i am giving them away in my 'Freebie Bags' when you purchase from the BigFish store x

MMMMMmmmmm Button badges
MMmmmmmm Lu Summers x


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