Summer Crafting x the story so far...

I am involved in a photo group that is sharing piccies of our SUMMER crafts and activities with the kids, so i thought i would BLOG a few of the things we have done so far.

Baking with her little friend... The results...
A pitcher of Home-made Lemonade to accompany the biscuits...
Crocodile made from Plastic Ice-Cream Cornet packet...
Paint your own Wellington Boots...

Get the easel out into the sunshine...

P.s. It's not that SHE enjoys the crafting so much, the Toddle-Fish would rather be out at a park or sports club ... but i can't resist.
P.p.s Also there is LOTS of NAKED paddling pool hours but i won't blog that! X

What are you up to this Summer?

More Buttons ...

I just had to show you more buttons!
I had a new delivery today and my dad happend to be visiting, sat in the kitchen having a quick coffee ... anyway, even HE said to me "you'll need more of those spotty buttons my love"
and i said "dad, as soon as i put the phone down from ordering the buttons i KNEW i should have got more spotty ones" I sold a pack before they were even listed in the shop!
Pure Polka Dot Heaven button fans x

Catching the setting sun ...

The sun was setting into the fields to the front of our house. I could not resist the day's last opportunity to sit and sew whilst topping up my Vitamin D for the day.
I perched my stool in the window of the studio and finished off an order for 'French Melanie' of 6 assorted Lavender Hearts.

The Crafty Fish ...

The Fabrics...
The Hearts...

The Window...
The joy of my job x

From start to finish - Marble Inks

I'm starting a new theme for some major blog entries ...
"From Start to Finish" I want to blog a few new things and a few old favourites from the start of the craft process to the 'End'.
I'm not one for alot of talk so here is ***MARBLE ART*** (whose process from INK to CARD was ably assisted by the 4yr old Toddle-Fish)

These Inks were a Christmas gift (yippeeee!) so I can't direct you to the source I'm afraid. A set of 6 in scrumptious jewel colours.

An old baking tin - filled with about 2 inch of warm water...
have dropped the inks onto the surface of the water - and omitted to take a photo of ME or the child, laying a piece of card gingerly onto the surface of the water over the Inks...

The first piece of paper / card on top of the Inks will 'soak' or attach to the deepest ink colours. If you don't replenish the Inks for EVERY time you lay your paper, the Ink splodge will be pale and diluted...
They don't take long to dry BUT they wrinkle up a bit so you might want to press them in or under heavy books for an hour or two ... AFTER they are dry. A make-shift washing line in the kitchen is immense fun for a 4 yr old AND a 34 yr old...
Okay, so i skipped a bit of the process here and got straight to the card ... I ripped the Ink patterns into a shape and added a little disc of japanese paper and GOLD fabric to give it a be-dazzling / be-jewelled effect!

And I am really happy with how they turned out. Mum and daughter had a great play and Mummy-Fish got a lovely new set of cards.
(Obviously, these are shared with you for inspiration and fun - please bear in mind i sell my work for a living so i stamp my copyright on the finished piece, many thanks x)

Who knows what process i will try from 'start to Finish' next time? Xx

Handmade - the pleasure of made to measure

Lucky lucky me -look what I am wearing and look at my new bag.

The pleasure of Handmade is not just, 'look what i make - look what i sell'
The pleasure of handmade is also the fact that somebody ELSE can be paid to make something for you! NOT High Street, NOT made unethically, NOT likely to see my friends wearing this ...

This bag was always destined to mine ... and, if I'm honest, so was this Aysla top. Both items from Abi Bansal Design on etsy.
I was worried about getting an item of clothing 'made to measure'. I was worried it wouldn't fit or i won't like it... you can't return it!

Worries unfounded. I love it. It fits beautifully. The fabric is wonderful. It is quality made. And the Pom Pom bag is a joy to use.
Thankyou Abi, i hope i model it well?!

P.s. Abi is currently custom making me a second top ... and this is just the beginning of my Abi Bansal wardrobe.
Pop into her shop? You'll love it x

Local Fund Raiser - Garden Fete

My usual Craft Stall events are Christmas Craft Fairs which can be quite large and busy. Putting up the PaperFish Craft table at my local Village 'Garden Fete' was so much more fun and relaxed.

There were only a handful of stalls and Games, alongside Cream Teas and Childrens Craft tables.
Despite the dull picture!!! - It was a really Sunny day and me, being the only lady who forgot her Gazebo, got burned!

Have a nose around the table ... i always imagine my stall to look STUPENDOUS but somehow, i feel it always 'fall short' x

P.S, ever the crafter, i did make the BLUE fold out stand to hang cards / brooches from. Upcycled from some groovy 70's Cupboard doors.

Look at 'Your' Freebies

Look what those excellent people at 'Clipper-Teas' sent me? Sample packs of Coffee and Tea (yummy)
I wrote to them giving them some advise on their packaging and marketing strategy (honestly, i did! ... Coming from me?!!??) Well, they didn't ignore me as i fully expected. The very next day, I was sent TEAs and COFFEEs in abundance.
Now - these yummy sample packs will be FREE gifts on my 'Handmade & Fairtrade' stall and at my next 'Craft Cafe' x Lucky customers x for CLIPPER tea is super tasty, as well as being Organic and Fairtrade.
Thanks Clipper x

Jimmy Pickles x

One of THEEEEEE best things about running a craft stall and selling in my little boutique, is that i get to shop 'wholesale'. Not just for supplies and from my Fairtrade suppliers, but also on etsy.
I love to provide my customers with something *NEW* and exciting that they can only get from me xSo i was really excited to find Jimmy Pickles over on etsy (from the US)
They design and sell these awesome 'wristlet keychains' and since i bought mine, i can't think what i ever did without it.

An ETSY LESSON learned: When they arrived i was so impressed and i realised THIS is how a perfect etsy experience should be. They were beautifully made and designed. Gorgeously packed. Efficiently dispatched. Their branding is wonderful ... i just can't sing their praises enough.
Hooray for ETSY and all it's handmade goodness. I don't want to shop anywhere else.
And thankyou Jimmy Pickles, for giving a good sharp lesson in how to be a better retailer!

This is how i packaged them for my shop - including the pretty business cards and FREE sweets they sent me x

P.S a bit more Polka Dot x

.... And whilst I am posting about Polka Dots, why not show you these cute badges? I couldn't resist this paper when i saw it in a High Street store. These are so cute for party bags or gifts at a 'teen' party.


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