Belated Royal Crafting

 Belated crafty greetings re: The Royal Wedding!
Due to my Broken technology i did not have the chance to show you the latest sessions and creativities from our CRAFT CAFE!!
So here is a whistle stop tour of my gorgeously talented bunch of 'Littlees' and what we made a week before the REAL wedding happend.
 In the top picture you can see, we made our very own Kate and Will wedding puppets and popped then on sticks. Very satisfying.
Then there was the sewing table and we decided to make BookMarks with felt and Buttons.... 'marking' the occasion...! Some kids did the most amazing sewing and i think they felt a bit chuffed with themselves.
 The EVER popular Junk Table - involving boxes and cardboard and staplers and paint. The kids FLOCK to this giant table, for obvious reasons. The parents curse my name as they stagger home with sticky painty castles and the such....
 Royal Bunting - these were awesome. I was struggling to make these as a 'demo',  as i had the 'concept' but my creative head was stuck in my own 'sewing fabric pennants' - no need to worry, the children had so many cool ideas and their bunting was superb.
 "Hello Bride Kate" (presumably made by Ella?) you look better here than you did on the day! If only you had let us design your dress!?
We neeeeeed sustaining for the 2 hours.
 Quick stall set up for crafty pocket money and mums who also love the handmade / crafty scene.
It is always a bit of a 'throw it on the table' type stall on these occasions.
 *whimsical longing for a real shop, where i can put together real displays*
 Then there is me. Tired. Satisfied. Had great fun but glad it's over now.
A tremendous amount of work goes into the setting up and clearing up! of these events.
Thank goodness for friends and family.
Long live the King!


Jenny said...

Looks like you had such a fun day! Love those little Wills and Kate puppets, so cute :)

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhh man YES you should have your own shop you should you should you should! One day I am going to insist you come to Unit Twelve - - with me, have a right good old chat with Jennifer, and pick her brains. She has the same sort of small village / rural area trickyness. You'd come away so inspired - let's make a pact to do it xx


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