Feel the Burn...

 This is a message:
to PipEm, to Mel, to EmmaM
 to my BigBro, to MrsB and to Mari (the latter two inspire me so)
 to Richard who mocks me,
to the school run mums who watch my chubby bum wobble off down the hill
 to the silly 'boys' at the gym who think grunting is a good idea.
to ENDOMONDO! (you rock my world)
to shaking muscles and wheezing chests
 to running tights, with a pocket at the rear for my i-pod
to trainers who stink
to those moments when i think "Nnnnaaaaa, not today thanks"
Feel the Burn my friends!
Feel the burn and feel good.
If i could, i would fill my every days with Eating, Drinking, Laughing
Crafting, Weight Training, Running and Yoga.
Who cares how it looks? What people think?
There's no goal here. No school PE lessons to kill me with their shame.
It's me, trainers, stretchy clothes and feeling the burn.


Mrs B said...

Ya haaaaaa!! I hear you laydeeee!!

Come on race with me!


PaperFish! said...

i am heeeeeaaaaring you :)
Oh the energy.... the village folk roll their eyes at my energy!

Mrs B said...

An even better reason to do it, one would think!


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