i made a little button bouquet...

 Playing in the Studio at the weekend and,,,,,..... tada!
I made a little Button Bouquet.
 I could become very addicted to these.
I grabbed some thinner PINK floristry wire and made some smaller spotty stems.
 Then i taped the 7 stems together with parcel tape before covering that in ribbon to give it a sweet finish.
I am thinking this would make a nice little gift for someone if i hang a little gift tag from it?
 If i pop round to somebody's for a cuppa?
or as a thankyou?
I need these all round my house now....
 And a P.S
I am having a Limited Time SALE Offer on bags of 100g pastel / popsicle button bags.
I mixed up a few 100g bags full of dreamy Spring like shapes and colours.
Sort of perfect for making buttony lavender hearts
or your own stacking / stem projects
or yummy popsicle accessories
i love this mixture.
Normal price £7.50 for the 100g
SALE Price: £5.50
Coolio x
(p.s i just lost a blog follower :( i am either boring, or too commercial or a bad blogger, hahaha)


The Krafty Cupcake said...

They look fab and I have just purchased some and cannot wait to receive them. Also that fab vintage trim you blogged about. The bouquet looks really lovely. Sue x

PaperFish! said...

hello! ThankU thankU! That trim - eeep x i am just going to make some more mini-bouquets. I am so silly! easily addicted me.

dottydaisies said...

I have just been asked to make a button and felt wedding bouquet - wish me luck xxxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

They really are amazing!


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