Vintage Me...

There is no need to 'beat about the bush' here. I needed a Vintage Fix - and i needed one today.
I had 2 children with me on saturday day and night. They were up, washed, dressed, fed and dropped with Grandma by 9.30am. I had a window of 2 hours, during which i wanted peace - imaginings - shopping and a coffee..... i deserve it. Everyone deserves things that make them feel better about their world.
Royal Leamington Spa *sigh* i lived here in my heady youth. For a few years in a student house (a nice one you know, no squat) and then i had my own bedsit for a year or so - bliss. Such a pretty place to live.

So i parked up beyond the bandstand and took a Sunny walk round to the Old Pump Rooms. A perfect venue for a Vintage Fair.

I like it when a fair has Bunting outside, It sort of feels right and proper. It is a good beginning to any fair.

I dabbled and browsed. Going for a quick 'recon' past every stall quickly... before taking a second slower look at the goodies.
 Excuse the lack of stall photos. I was at the fair in my capacity as a needy, tired middle-aged hag, rather than as a journo-bloggist-wannabe-something.

This was a dandy stall. The lady knew what she was dealing in and what was contemporary taste (if that is such a possible thing? contemporary vintage? what an oxymoronic phrase)

Her pricing was spot on. Somethings were really expensive - but they were worth that money. Her goodies were desirable.... i wanted the fat green bread bin - see it up high in the middle? it was fantastic. It was £44. Even with a quick haggle and a deal, my life is not one that allows me to indulge £40 in a bin... for my bread... you understand.

I did desire this Flour bin though. So much that i did indeed buy it (twas much cheaper than the bread bin). It is a funny thing but i have been looking to get a flour bin for a while now. I could have held out for a good Car Boot to find my treasure but i neeeeeded to come home with something today. I needed a 'pretty' in my car, to help me feel good and soothed (pathetic? yes, i know)

Then, i managed to have a brief coffee. Alone. In peace. With an eldery gentleman beside me eyeing my Flour bin - most probably bemused at why i was sharing a cup of coffee with it on a Sunday morning.

Aaaah Thrifty Lovers - you'll know how this was. How sweet it was to be alone and browse and dream. I am very guilty of forgetting i am a person - outside of being a mum and all those other stressful weekday demands.
I fully intend to start treating myself better.
And not feel too guilty about being an indulgent Vintage Me x

Sometimes people let you down...

My LittleFish and I were disappointed that someone we were expecting for dinner - didn't bother to come.
That level of disappointment can be hard to stomach. The joy, anticipation, preparation, looking forward to... 'gone' in that briefest moment when you realise 'it's just us'.
But HEY! it isn't 'just us'. it IS US!! so what do the Fishes do in this situation? why we get Mamma's favourite tea cups out and make tea.  
I'm not that great with words, but it sorted of lifted us straight out of that melancholic tinge. All of a sudden the slow mouthed dinner was transformed into something teetering between ceremony and party! In that teacup moment, i swear, our downturned faces slipped into smiles and everything seemed just that touch brighter.
Resourceful Mamma found 2 halves of a Milky Way, tucked away in the back of a "party paraphenalia" box and Joy! they were still in their UseBy date...
We had forgotten to open the parcel left outside the back door (in our haste to make dinner for the special guest that never came) so we sat with our tea and sickly sweet confectionary and opened the parcel....
The spontaneity of enjoyment and sugar was enough to make us feel like a Circus had fallen out of the packet. It was little vintage tins but it felt like clowns juggling on a tightrope, pulling gargoyle faces...
The special guest didn't seem so special any more. LittleFish was happy and replete. MammaFish felt suitably sustained, like the sky wasn't 'always cloudy' and all those grey day feelings would eventually give way to some sunshine.
It was just tea cups. It was just tea in pretty cups, sat on matching saucers. It could have been the world on a plate, for that's how we felt in our moment.
"All good things must come to an end"
Is that true? Must they?


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