Busy Sewing Bee...My mojo must be back!?

 It was those Button Bouquets.... i swear! They got my mojo back and SUDDENLY i felt the need to sew.... En Masse!
 Piles and piles of lovely hearts. Pieced together from random 2" cotton strips in lots of crazy colourways.
 Finishing touches are scraps of trim - new and vintage.
And Buttons (of course)
 Stuffed to burst with Organic English Lavender.
I was asleep by the end of this!
 A Girlfriend asked me recently "is there Lavender in your bedroom?"
"Darling" replied i (i'm so theatrical) "Where isn't there Lavender in this house?"
I do, in fact, store my hewgggee bag of it IN the wardrobe so it gives off all that delicious fragrance into my cottons. (Clever me)
 These look so delicious all bundled together for photographs and hanging round the house.
I hang some in my wardrobe - and in my daughters.
One or Two in the bathroom.
A few on cupboard door handles...
 These are going into a *real* shop as this is where internet selling fails.
I don't feel the photos can do justice to the colours and the patchworky-ness...
and naturally NOT to the fragrance :)
 But i did list a few in Etsy PaperFish >>>>
and i sold one already so i was really pleased about that. I feel a bit 'shy' sometimes, selling stuff i've made.
How awkward of me when this is, essentially, my job!
So much lovely stuff to come...

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