Polka Dots, Pants and Pyjamas x

Ummmm. My favourite colour is red.
I love Polka Dots.
I must have been really in a Polka Dot mood because, see how i dressed myself, and honestly, it was quite without 'thought'.
A Red Polka dot blouse, how very Minnie Mouse...

And even my cat has her Red Polka Dot Kitty coat on...

OOOoops, saucy! My Polka Dot Pants!

BUT ....... the point of my BLOG is me and my crafty stuff. I didn't post here to show you my pants!
I posted just to say, i wore this today and never left the house. I made bunting ALL day.
And, although I am the sort of girl who needs her pyjamas surgically removed in the morning, in order to MAKE and be inspired, i find pyjamas are not the thing.
On a 'Making Day', one really should get dressed (and i highly recommend dressing in Polka Dots for the task) X

Home is where the House is ...

So this is the Front Door to 'Coalers Croft' - the start of our mini tour - don't bother to come here in order to steal anything (all ye potential criminal minded readers!) there is nothing here of any value, except to ourselves x
Weedy Front Door step, but no-one comes here - not even our postman comes to the font door - and that is because he is always leaving etsy parcels in my 'etsy bin' at the back door x

This is the front of the house that faces the road - no pretty views here i'm afraid. The house is about 250 years old and was a station for Coal (hence it's name "Coalers Croft") Our house sits on a busy A road and behind us is a beautiful canal. Coal was dropped off the Canal boats from the north and then picked up by horse and cart and delivered by road to London.

The re-planting of the front of the house, a work on progress my friends. Maybe, if i spent more time out here and less time on the laptop, it might look half decent ... empty space makes me sad.

Something that already grows there! Including a little girl and a fat chocolate Labrador who also both grow at 'the croft'
Down the secluded path - catch the fairies playing with snails and making perfume from old rose petals...

Come into the back yard and my little fairy has her own 'Tree House' as she calls it. Of course, it isn't at all up in a tree! But it is a super Playhouse - a place for dreams and games to happen, and chalk to happen upon.

Into the Back Door - the kitchen! The heart of any real home? The remnants of my daughters birthday party, two months previously tied to the latch (much to 'the Man's' annoyance - but men don't really 'get' polka ribbon joy, do they?)
I might Blog my kitchen too ... but that's a whole new story x

Hope you liked? X

Play Food .... YUMMY

Play food makes me smile.
Play Food of this colour, quality, texture, just makes me scream with satisfaction. I have had to buy so much knitted and crocheted play food because:
- I want to sell some on my stall at Christmas ...
- Then i realised my daughter would love these (note how child comes after craft in life priorities)
- Then i realised i will want some for my own Christmas Tree come December
- THEN i realised I want play food in my Art Room ALL year round .... so i have ordered these and i am going to order more!

I feel such an idiot confessing to my cyber friends but i genuinely love this Play Food x

Okay - it is PLAY food - i'm not going to eat it x
You can buy some too: I am selling some on the PaperFish Christmas Stall over October / November / December ... OR see


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