Crafty Cardi...

The Crafty Fish (that be me) loves to wear a Crafty item or three...
and, as a retailer of the finest buttons known to woman, i couldn't possibly wear a cardigan with 7 plain grey buttons down the front! It just doesn't feel right, ya know? Very, ridiculously, overly happy with my new little lambswool Cardi, i smothered it in rainbow buttons...
This look is perhaps far too 'cute' for many. It is a good job I am a lady who cares little for popular taste and fashion. This little crafty endeavour made my week much more colourful and satisfying.

And.... STILL very much in-love with Lu Summers fabric 'Avenue'.... i have been making little "My House" Brooches for the PaperFish shop. I just adore this little house. And i love the colours red / cream / blue together.

I tried to echo the 'smallness' of the house by using a smaller button embellishment. I am usually the crafter who adds a HUGE button to everything! but, in this case, discretion in button choice won favour.
Ooooh, i like it and i have worn it lots.
I am going to make some different colourways.....
And I'm going off to do that! x

House of Poodle...

Loving Handmade: I have long since adored the work of House of Poodle. I met them in December 2007 at a Craft Fair, but a year prior to that I travelled to Birmingham for the day to a thrift / handmade market where i knew they had a stall... i wasn't disappointed. They are professional and Tweedy and fun and colourful - very unique and..... friendly! The dress below is a sort of A-line / 40s style? but in a thick red tweedy fabric. Short sleeves and sits above the knee. I adore it and i have worn it sooooo many times.

Zip up the back... I WILL try to make one of these for myself one day (ha ha) but it is finding the time!?! ... and i admit to never having had a sewing lesson or followed a pattern in my life :(
The Grey flower is something i wear alllllll the time. It suits every jacket, every dress, every cardigan... i have worn it many times on my evening party dresses. I always wear it on this capped sleeve grey wool felt jacket.... I even wore it on my funeral outfit this week as it added a cheery of 'life celebration' without giving out too much 'party vibe'. A gorgeous item i cannot live without it (okay, i exaggerate that)

And, i repeat, you only get this sort of joy from unique handmade items! Designed, made, sold here in the UK by fellow crafty peeps x

We have started the crockery craze....

Some more bits that were lying around in the dusty debris of dis-organised photo files.... I
I wanted, no! *had* to include this Cath Kidston mug .... mmmmmmm x x x a gift from my 'special' MrsB and yes, it holds a Hewge amount of tea and i do use in the mornings when i begin at 5.30am x x thankyou! A gorgeous large lot of pretty tea-party accessories. Some were kept for tea.... others were made into willing scented candles (like this)
THIS, i had to include - the 'prop Mug'! I use it in soooo many shots for little supplies as it is GIANT.
I use it to put chocolates in on my craft stall sometimes, so my customers have a little treat...

AAAhhhh Spode - i do love the colour red and polka dots. I could fill a weeks worth of blogging with my red polka-dot love.

My much adored ENTIRE owl Coffee set. It is honestly stunning - and..... yes my thrifty friends, it was found in a charity shop, complete and un-used for £15.00 x i would have paid so much more! I usually serve Mulled Wine in these at Christmas - the cups being obscenely small for tea consumption.
That BLASTED Apple tea pot.... SO pretty and colourful and so BROKE the first time i put hot water in it. I was obviously chuffed with its lovliness but annoyed by its inadequacy x

Blog them pots and mugs!!! x

Colourful Crockery...

A quick post on Colourful, playful, beautiful crockery.... I have much of it - and tis one of my most favourite things in my everyday life, to collect and use this gorgeous spotty, dotty, collection of crockery, tea-party-ness....
(this is only the tip of a large ice-berg!)

My most hateful thing in the house? That MAN with the 'endearingly termed' BUTTER FINGERS..... 'whoops'!
KIRSTYFISH: "have you seen my birdie mug - you know, the little one i like my afternoon tea in?"
MANFISH: "Oh i smashed that ages ago - so what, you've got loads"...

'So What'? ... i love them, that's what.
I love them all.

Share your crockery on your blog - and let me know when you do, i'd love to see them x x x
(P.S - i do now photograph every new piece that enters my home - just incase that is the last time i see it.)

Cath Kidston LOVE x

MMmmmnn Bunting! Just congratulating myself (*fish pats herself on back with wet fin*) on making 5 new bunting / pennant lines to put in PaperFish x Naturally using my LOVE of CATH KIDSTON fabrics as the basis. These are the girly ones but the BOYS bunting i will blog *later* as they weren't using CK.... Loving the Fresh, vibrant pinks and orange!

Also mixing blue with red and pink - I think the look of this one came together when i added the darker pinky bias to the top - it sort of held the red and pink together a bit?

I also whipped up a few larger PinPots using some yummy new glossy Aubergine (or 'Egg Plant') paint and.... you guessed it, a Cath Kidston fabric. This only works in a larger pot because the fabric is a thick 'double weave' cotton...

This picture, i love. Reminiscent of a Craft book on thrifted / French vintage style - sigh...

I confess to having more Cath Kidston LOVE to share soon.... (gulp)

Mummy has been decorating ToddleFish bedroom... mmmm...

Mummy got carried away with all the prettiness available for a young girls bedroom and the Cath Kidston webshop.... whoops x

Photography and shopping on Folksy....

LOOK at this photograph... I love it. I love the perspective, the clarity, the window... my 4yr old took it. She Rocks - and she has a fantastic 'view' of the world - both physically and emotionally. I thought she might end up as a vet..... now I am wonering if Photography could feature? Maybe a photographer of animals? She is equally at home with a camera or a .... camel! I was photographing these>>>>> when she took the camera (little pegs and bookmarks - new stock on my PaperFish stall and i love them x) Her photo is actually much more inviting, and maybe i'll get her to do my 'stock shots' in future? But actually, it was THESE i bought from Folksy last week - YES, I am well aware Christmas is over for 2008 but i live Christmas in my head so it is never 'too early' or 'too late' in my book.

Handmade by TheHomePress - as printed on the reverse of each card. I think they are printed from a LINO cut? They have a raised paint / ink front so quite tactile. ....

They came in a set of three and i love each one (Robin especially so)

In truth, they won't ever be sent. I buy stationary alot - often - and i just hoarde it or pin them on my walls / boards / i like them too much to share but i appreciate them all.

I am thinking I may frame these and have them as a set of prints on my wall because Christmas is my time baby! It is when I am happiest and calmest and mostest fullest of love and affection x

Folksy ROCKS for UK shopping, so go see....ummm, i purchased other great things too! and i'll share them soon..... x

Featured on Folksy

Hey... I meant to tell you... and have been getting round to it for ages... THIS month, I am 'Featured Seller' on FOLKSY
Thanks a million to the gents at Folksy and to Sally x FOLKSY is a UK site through which crafters can sell their amazing handmade treasures. It is a new site but already coping well with its listings / shops / sales.

Each month, for a whole month, there are four featured sellers on the Front / Home Page who rotate and you get your shop bigger 'exposure' as people are more likely to see your items and get tempted into the online shop.

I haven't got nearly the range of stock listed as i have on ETSY - i think that would be impossible for me :) but i have put all my favourite onto FOLKSY.

Why have yet another online selling venue for your stuff KirstyFish??? Well my friends, Folksy is listed in ££££ GBP so that makes it a little less intimidating for some users who don't like (understandably) to shop in $$$$ USD.
And .... soon .... i'll figure out how to get a button on my blog that links you directly to the UK shop... ha!
Chat soon crafters x

... Parcels going to the 'Nice' Post Office, where people are 'nice' and the experience is 'nicest' x

"Our House", in the middle of our street...

I love that song by MADNESS - sorry to all those non-Uker's who don't have a clue... But tis a song about an 'average' family in a suburban street going about their 'everyday lives' - i like it. And hhhmmmmm, What's this? New 'house' products KirstyFish? They look suspiciously like items handmade and reatailing by SUMMERSVILLE how dare you??
I dare, because Lucie Summers said i could! I bought her AVENUE fabric in Sky, Red and Apple and i have made gorgeous new NeedleBooks with them. The little Houses lend themselves perfectly to the small round design of the NeedleBook. It is a joy and a privalige to use. Delicate however because the screenprint is onto linen so the fabric needs a gentle touch when it is being 'fiddled' with over and over and over again, as is the nature of making these books.

New Buttons in BigFish "1 inch pairs x10 colourful pairs" - i launced them the same time as the NeedleBooks because of the colour / round / dolly-ness of both items. I think they look yummy together....

OH! I nearly forgot to talk about the 'final' page in the SKY NeedleBooks - the pocket page has a 'secret house' stitched on - it was a last moment inspired addition to the page and i love it. I wish i had done it to all the Books, but i only just 'idea'd' it so, only 'Sky Blue' have this treat x

No matter where you cut Lu's fabric, the design looks awesome and 'works'. Each cut gives a whole new little scene - an 'avenue' / a terrace / a grand house with trees / a cul-de-sac...
AND because i love her work so much I have bought some mini-button badges and i am giving them away FREE with the first 6 Avenue NeedleBooks purchased. I feel like I am mad giving away so much gorgeousness but i have this intense desire to share with the world right now!!! and this is my simple message:
"There are so many talented people out there MAKING wonderful, quality, unique
items with their own hands and hearts - Mass production has no soul. Share your
handmade treasures x"
I didn't mean to write a sermon (whoops) just share some stuff...


My little girl said to me today "you look like a rainbow Mummy" - could she have known that is one of the nicest compliments i have ever been given??
It was SO cold and foggy out today, colour was a must... Out with 'The Girls' today: My mum, myself and my little ToddleFish (achingly cute today)
VIA the Post Office, though not my usual PO .... and UGH!! - the postmistress was SO VERY RUDE to me, i came out and wanted to cry. I hate that someone can do that to me!? I want to complain, how dare she?
P.S Above bag with Post Office parcels handmade by ABI x

'The Rainbow Look' ToddleFish referred to was a bit colourful i guess but i felt i had been quite reserved, given that today NEEDED colour adding to it in every way....

The first felt heart brooch i ever made! and i still wear it to death....

FatFace boots (oh YUMx) and i confess to owning tights in.....ummmm, many colours (ahem)

My PRETTIEST hair clip from SARA EDEN (click me and buy one - i love the internet)

And after a shaky start to the day - i walked into the CATH KIDSTON DISCOUNT STORE.... shall i repeat that for the hard of hearing and the insanely envious???? Yes i live near a Cath Kidston Discount store - don't hate me for it!
It has been newly expanded, and... next time i go in, I am taking photos!! You'll die it is so gorgeous. I wanted to throw out every person inside and move in to it immediately.
Obviously the above fabrics are not the only things i purchased (Kirsty rubs hands greedily in a Fagin sort of way)
And then i realised that Cath Kidston also understands colour - VERY well x and she would agree with the need, on most days, to dress 'like a rainbow' XXXXXX


HA! Over the next few weeks, you may notice an increase in blog posts and Flickr photos involving FELT... The FuzzyFish is born... an online 'etsy' shop dedicated to the joy and colour of that medium many of us love - FELT! mmmmmm x
Of course it had to join the FISHY empire so the name FuzzyFish was an immediate choice - a 'Fish' shop with an ironic edge (never take yourself too seriously, that is my motto)

Of course, after hours of photography, editing, felt in and out of boxes, swatch book making, listing each individual size and colour.... I am hating felt right now.
I am wondering if i took large fourth helping of Nigella's Chocolate Cake without really needing it and this could be 'theee' slice that makes me sick?

The FuzzyFish Felt shop is not going to make my fortune, i know. Tis a competetive market and many people prefer wool / wool blend felt to my 100% acrylic. But this is my felt of choice - i love it! I love the colours and i love the fabric to work with, it is a dream. And, as i buy it by the van load anyway, it seemed odd not to have an etsy shop to sell it all in too?
MMMmmmm, fuzzy, felty dreams in 24 techni-colours ... i'll introduce the new colours all separately in later blog posts ... not because I am attempting a 'hard sell' but honestly because the colours look sooooo good i love the colour fix of seeing them all on screen.

Oh, Luscious Neon fix - 80's revival - i want to play x

P.s. I owe my little Sister a huge thankyou for:
Handing me rolls of felt in the 'photographic studio' (!!)
Organising the colours and the stock control system
Making the Swatch books
Cutting all those little Fishes out
Being good company even though she had a stinking rotten cold
Working on a new shop Banner (on it's way...)
I now declare the *new* Felt shop officially......... open x


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