Victoriana Trims...

 Victoriana Trims....?
With a sort of cotton lacy edge and velvet ribbon running through the middle?
 In three pretty vintage feel colours...?
 At a whopping £2.50 per metre....?
Don't buy any off me...
they only come with 9metres on each Reel and i am very happy playing with this little lot myself, thankyou.
How is it that new supplies are soooo inspiring?
*sewing prettiness for a pretty house*


Mrs B said...

"you talkin' to me...?" *best Joe Pesci accent*

I want!!



Oh My, if only I didn't have enough to figure out what to do with the bias bindings without seeing this!cute skirt trim, pretty make up bag....oh my. Kxx

PaperFish! said...

Hey Blonde - you do have theeee best Bias ever xx

PaperFish! said...

i'm always talking to you!

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