A little 1950's Frippery...

 My Multi-layered CAKES tin - 'Tala'
Just the name Tala brings me out in a nervous sweat "Tala, what Tala?"
Awesome cream and pistachio green - oh yum! i love that Green so very much.
 Excellent condition inside and just nicely scruffy on the outside.
There was a pleasant and amusing incident at the Unit where i bought this (in the Antiques Cellar)
A lady had it in her hand, and i asked her "What price have they got on that" .... "£22" she said.... we both sighed and said "Fair price tho...."
We got in to a right long discussion about life, vintage, ebay, fairs, buying, selling, BMW Mini, and the fact we had both ONLY popped into the Cellar on our way back from Cath Kidston!
 Nice to come across a kindred spirit now and again. It made me desperate to be a vintage kitchens buyer . seller.... another lifetime maybe? This one is a little busy.
Also - Kitchen prettiness - this cute set of measuring cups from Waitrose.
I love the USCups system... now i only want US cookbooks as i am so into using cups!
 A new CathK cup and saucer to add to the ever-toppling stack.
Building up quite a little stash, didn't mean to....
 Cute, cute, green handled SSscccoooop!
"UGHhh" to the other lady at the Cellar who tried to get off, telling me
 "you're only buying this coz it's trendy right now"
 - No Love, i am buying it because it is very useful and pretty. Ignore the fact i have stuck it in the sugar jar, this will be used for scooping lavender into lav cushions as it so much easier than using a funnel, or my fingertips!

And a great picture i bought years ago from Etsy.... must go see where i got it from... give a link...

Frippery? i must be getting my Mojo back a bit?


Mrs B said...

heehee! glad to hear it! x

Vintage from the Village said...

Lovely tin, I saw one on Ebay the other day but forgot to bid on it !
Sue x


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