"What has changed?" asked Ali...

 Since starting Running n all this? Is that the question? What has changed since this sporty revival?
There is so much history behind 'changes' isn't there? And what has been before, is always part of what comes next....
I have trained in Yoga on and off for years and, back in the day, did several years of Shotokan Karate.
Before having my daughter i was Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing & Gym training, at every available opportunity. Rock Climbing is the biggest BUZZ i have ever had. I have never come close to that feeling since: Looking up a Rock Face and believing "i will never make it up that Rock"
And then you reach the top.
The adrenalin is awesome. I DID THAT.
 There is something fundamental in a living being - in our bodies, that is designed to want to train harder, run faster, lift heavier, breath deeper, think calmer, walk further... it is the survival instinct. The instinct that babies are OVERWHELMED with - "i must survive"
So, as an adult, for me - i must have hit this wall with 2 BIG arrows on:
Go left and Fail
Go right and survive
The easiest thing to do seemed to run and train because these were immediate 'fail safe' / feel good achievements.
"What has changed?"
I have huge calf muscles
My legs are generally more shapely than before (but not as hot as MrsB's!)
I feel fit and healthy
I have more energy throughout the day.
I am calmer - and i am sleeping better
It is easier to sit and work / challenge my mind - knowing my body has had it's challenge for the day
I have a soft suntan from being outdoors
My skin is shiny
I feel like a stronger Mummy - like i can 'protect' and 'provide' better
I feel more confident about the way i look
i no longer feel like 'everybody is better than me' - i feel like iam 'in the race' (whatever that means)
as my body gets stronger i feel generally stronger and more capable
i can EAT!!!! whatever i want to! - i have never eaten so much in my life
...maybe there is more that is changing?... more change yet to come?

Years ago i told myself "There is nothing that you cannot do Kirsty, if you really want it" and if you want to adopt my mantra too, feel free.
We can all get what we want out of the life we are in.
But nobody ever said it would be easy.

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