Every Day Life...

 It's been like a Meeeegggaaa long week, it seems.
I feel like i have lived a thousand lives this week. But not a great amount has actually, physically, happend.
 There was a new shelving unit in yummy smelling pine that was mounted to the studio wall. It holds a million reels of ribbons and ricracs and pOmpOms and trimmings... and that makes me happy.
 There was some baking - but nothing too treat'y as i have been on a Month long detox of anti-cakes and anti-alcohol. Ugh - it's been killing me but i have dropped a few pounds and feel virtuous. These are banana and seed muffins.
 I did bottle up the Limocello that has been steeping in sugar and lemony zest for the past 6 weeks.
It is now basking in the freezer - waiting to undo all that goooooodness that i created in my Month OFF the bad stuff.
Little heart Ice Cubes? now how good does that look?
 There has been sewing and batch making a Host of Angels ready for Christmas.
New designs this year but all of them Limited Edition as it breaks my heart and soul to repeat a million of the same design.
 There has been stock-taking and button ordering (of course) and a bit of a tidy up in the studio.
 There has been walking and running and training and all that stuff. Of course.
There has been a car valet - MINI FOR SALE!!! seriously, if you want to buy my Mini, get in touch. Awesome car, much loved - needs a loving home.
 We have had sooo much busy garden antics. Every bird in the world has decided it is time to Fledge.
This was the cutest baby BlueTit (nesting outside my bathroom window) and he was getting himself all ready for the big fly.
 Been keeping them fed and watered.
Before i tool this snap the bird bath was FULL of fat fluffy baby BlackBirds. So cute! i never knew baby birds could be so sweet. Leaving them out an apple as a treat.
There was an incident with a boy (long story)
There was another incident in which a man suddenly became Married (an even longer story)
There have been hospital visits and village drama.
There will be a Sister with a new car coming to visit.
There will be cooking, eating, running and sewing over the weekend.

And for all my week's dramas, there has always been my friends.
What would i have done this week, without you all? xxx


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Only one weeks worth????
Why is is other people's lives seem more full and interesting than mine? Maybe if I left the house more often...
Have a wonderful weekend with your sister Mrs [without cake and booze?!?!].

Mrs B said...

xxxxstrong womanxxxx

Angel Jem said...

I'm presuming the detox is off this weekend? Enjoy! Busy week.... better than not being busy at all.

Heather said...

Making your angels limited edition has the added bonus of people buying both when not being able to decide which to buy. Love it :)
I think you are ace and so as a reward for being ace I have awarded you a blog award. it's on my blog, should you wish to accept it and join in. xx

Heather said...

er leaving the link would help wouldn't it? www.littletinbird.co.uk

Victoria said...

bet you can't wait for the retox.

Anonymous said...

Married. I feel sick for you. I'll save the rest of my words on this for a face to face one but ugh, am thinking of you baby x

PaperFish! said...

ah ladies ))((


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