This week ... i was at a fair...

Tuesday... my usual Tuesdays are spent under the sewing machine or under a pile of half finished button adorned creations. BUT today was different. I was at a Christmas Gift fair.
A very nice fair because it was with a few ladies i know and who are very lovely.
The Gift tags above are something i sell on my craft stall but never get time to list in the SnowFish shop (sigh)

I took 'George' along for company (my old shop dummy) - he wasn't on his stand today but sat right next to me on the table, so that was someone to chat to... he had a few more brooches pinned to him than that though.
Ever the efficient crafter, i sat sewing whilst i was in 'position' behind the stall (many sellers favor standing in front nowadays, or to the side, but I am essentially a crafter and demonstrator so i like a sit and sew place)

I sold many felt bags in bright colours and many Fairtrade scarves - also very colourful!

I also sold many of these yummy Peacock sequin flower decorations that i am just in-love with.
They have a crocodile clip underneath so you can clip them to a gift or to your tree or to yourself ... Colour and Functionality, my two joys x
And later this week, I am going to try and show you my new Scrapbook albums - finally something made for ME and not for the etsy shops x


Jennifer Rose said...

The Peacock sequins would look gorgeous as a hair clip :)

Lin said...

That sounds like a great craft fair, glad it all went well!

Alexandra said...

Your table must have looked lovely.
By the way I have tagged you - see my blog for details.


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