Gingerbread Life x

Christmas is seriously underway in my house!
I confess... some decorations never really get taken down (My man rolls his eyes in disapproval) Christmas is an all year crafting marathon and NOT because i am a work-a-holic. I do genuinely get so much pleasure from it.
The ETSY SnowFish shop was a natural progression for me. I already had 'Paper' and 'Big' but the strange thing is, i was making Christmas decorations 'to sell' a loooong time before all the other stuff.
I love going to all the Christmas Craft Fairs - the slog of dragging in the bags from the car and setting up the display.... meeting my customers FACE to face (the internet is lovely but not quite as personal)

But, really ...... i wanted to tell you about the moment i sat sewing the Gingerbread Men on Monday and i thought "I love these men but they are all so different. I hope people don't mind which one they get sent if they buy from SnowFish" etc... i got to thinking that people might want to decorate their own little man????

So i listed (in the etsy store) a man to 'decorate for yourself' - what do you think????
It might be nice to give people that option? I make a blank body - send some buttons with him - and the crafty customer can go crazy with their own Ginger design??

As long as they don't sell them on etsy afterward (a CLAUSE in the adoption process) all should go well?
It is a Gingerbread Life - where the 'Crunch' in our house is all biscuit and no 'Credit' X


Lenox Knits said...

Very cute. I like the idea to let people create their own little man too.

debsmuddle said...

I am so juvenile but I am really giggling at how I could decorate a man!

Estela said...

those are too precious!!

Kala said...

great idea!

Jo said...

Sounds like a great idea!

Sneddonia said...

What a sweet post and a great idea :)

Mrs B said...

Loike it!!!

Mrs B said...

nb don't you love the letters they make you type it to verify whatever, sometimes they make the coolest sounding words!!!

Anonymous said...

They're great, although I sense I'd steal the buttons and the gingerbread man would remain buttonless!

Kirsty Fish x said...

I am laughing x you lovely people!
debsmuddle is officially banned from buying a man in-case she does unspeakable things to him!!!! lolx


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