Today was quite un-crafty

Forgive me my UN-craftiness? I can barely bring myself to produce a blog post today!
Tuesday is my one 'mega' craft day of the week and all i managed were a few photos and cut a few felt shapes. I have run around like a mad woman doing 'jobs'. By 4pm all i had eaten was a Jam doughnut and a box of Apple Juice.
Still, i thought you'd like to see what i did... ABOVE shot - me on quick sugar high from Jam Doughnut.

New crochet toys delivered for selling on the Christmas Craft stall. YES, i feel bad that these aren't handmade but they look so cute sat with all the handmade lovliness i thought you might like them?

Ooops, me kissing the crochet toys. I do silly things alot. And sometimes i forget and i do silly things in public. I am just glad my 4yr old sees it as 'funny mummy' now, because in 10 years time i have to explain: "Mummy can't help it darling, she is a little bit mad"

So, i did stop at 4pm for a sit down and some Fish Fingers. The Toddle-Fish wanted Mama loving and who was i to deny her that?

Scream... this is what she and Daddy had made when i came in from the Post Office. The whole house was dark and i couldn't think where they were .... then i saw a glowing face in the playroom and... mmwwaahhhaaaaaha - THE PUMPKIN! (now being fed chips for dinner)

Then .... it snowed!
Bizarre day!

Hope you guys were craftier than me today? X


Lin said...

Love your pumpkin and snow!
I have made things with your tiddlers so watch out for them if I get round to photos today.

Mrs B said...

oooooo I can so handmake some for you!! Little crochet animals running round my house at mo for christmas gifting and fun!! xxx love you, I like it when you are loopy scoopy!!

sorry but how good is todays verification word xx

russeses sounds like a new biscuit!!

time for cup of tea methinks!

SallyF said...

but they must have been made by somebody's hand surely? I refuse to believe a robot can crochet.


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