Thanks POUCH!

This week I have been lucky enough to be associated with the talented and eco-lovely POUCH !
POUCH makes Peg-bags and Owls and Totes and Belts ... all in funky retro prints and reclaimed fabrics, MMMmmmm a thrifty girl after my own heart.

I could eat this fabric ... those colours and cute wooden Dolly Pegs. If I had reclaimed THIS fabric i would have squealed in delight!...
So i said to POUCH, "Listen - Lu Summers cards have all gone to good homes, can i please rub shoulders with you too?" - "Oh, alright then Fishy" she said... and sent me some great cards and badges to pass on to my deserving customers.

Thanks so much!
I really like your MOO cards too because your colourful fabrics look so good on these little business cards...

Yeh for artistic and handmade-y friendships x

1 comment:

pouch said...

love the blog post, thank you!!
Don't forget to send me some of your business cards if you want me to pass on the word about your shops :)


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