Back to Bunting...

Well, it was a bunting week. The ABOVE set, I have struggled to photograph well. You know, darker Winter days and my inability to use a camera effectively. It is called 'Gingerbread Cottage window Bunting' - super cute in Ginger and red spotty fabrics with buttons all the way along the top to represent 'sweets' or 'candy'.
I sold a line within a day! So that made me feel really good x

This is my line from last year. Bright red and Green polka dots with little silver bells on the end of each pennant. They sold really well last year but i can't find the same fabric again !!!! i HATE it when i do that. So there are only 2 or 3 of these left now.
Note to self: always purchase more polka dot than you think you will need!...
I also said to myself "Kirsty, NO more bunting till next year - you are tooooo busy"
But, look, ....i saw these fabrics and i simply could not wait. I made this set of pennants the same night i purchased the fabrics. Sigh x i love it. It is called 'Emily Bunting' x

And when you are making one line of bunting, it makes sense to make a few. This is called "Hawaii Stars" - you see why (all in Cath Kidston fabrics)
So i did have a very busy 'Back to Bunting' week.

How did i manage to fit in some new Button / Badge packs too?
... i work too hard.
Chat soon x


saraeden said...

Lovely bunting , very Christmassy !!!

Sara x

Shauna said...

I love the bunting. That was my first purchase from your etsy shop... oh the memories. I never loved bunting until I met yours!!! I will be back, soon, I hope. I feel all rushed and nervous, gotta get it before it's gone!! xo

Kirsty Fish x said...

Shauna, you are so very lovely x


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