It is Tuesday again... Let's PARTY!

Sultry me in the very salubrious photography studio, also used as a bathroom. (i hope you can't see up my nose there?) Please note, *NEW* cardie. I rather like my sripey little Thrift find.

Loving this photo ... i want it made into postacards (puts on list of things to do....) pretty pretty pinks and lilacs and yumminess... I am such a *girl* but i make no apologies for that.

Also a good shot ... I am literally on fire today!!! If only i could get ALL the balls in focus :(
New supplies - i tll you, they can inspire you in so many ways x

I call the above balls - "Mouldy Fruit" x

Nice piccy. A supplier sent me this 'ready made' ... listen, it is pretty and all that BUT my etsy customers can do a bit more than that with their balls! Just posted the photo to show you my great new top again and because i just love colour!!!!


Blooming Felt said...

lovely, lovely, LOVELY ! I LOVE felt balls !! Sarah x

Lin said...

NO! Don't show me any more of your lovely felt balls. As soon as I got my tiddlers today I wanted more ... I'd like a giant ball pool with felt balls !! I love your shop by the way, great quality stuff.

Kirsty Fish x said...

Sorry :(
More arrived and i just could not wait!
They are exciting to look at aren't they? and so much fun. I wish I, ME, MYSELF had more time to create with them properly...


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