I gave my 4yr old the camera...

PIC.1. Headless mummy hanging out the washing.

Welllll...... that isn't strictly true! She wants to be like Mummy - she thinks she IS mummy. It is a case of "Mummy does that so i can do better". I had to admit it but i think her photos are better than mine. She has an 'eye' for it. Her photos tell stories...

PIC.2. Mummys red car (can you see her reflection ever so slightly in he shiny door?)

My personal favourite ..... PIC.3. Her own little red car
PIC.4. Mummy.... SEWING! What else!!?
PIC.5. Huge head sits under the kitchen table.
PIC.6. Favourite Hello Kitty shoes
Not bad huh? She'll have her own blog soon. What this space for the ToddleFish diaries x

1 comment:

Mrs B said...

arrrrrrrrrrghhhhh!! screaming with joy, this is adorable!!! yummy!! I miss you all! verification wordle is knnowmiv! sounds knowledgeable!


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