Ribbon Shopping...

Do i need to add words??? Is there a reader that *neeeds* an explanation? .... There isn't room in my mouth for all the salivating that's gone on today.
Most people can say "I popped into Morrisons today" ... i can say "I went ribbon shopping"!!

And YES, photographed, uploaded, listed in the shops within 2.5hrs of walking through the door.
It isn't selling that I am actually addicted to.... it's 'sharing' and they look soooo good when they are captured on a digital image.

Checks and Polka Dots and Tartans and oranges and browns and greens.... i didn't buy enough ( i know that now)

Oh and PINKS mmmmmm i didn't realise i had so many different pinks! Yummy for the pink fans.
There are some in the BigFish.etsy.com shop and I have put a few mixes in SnowFish.etsy.com because i thought they would make great wrapping and tag making for Christmas and Thanksgiving x
So, "that's a wrap"!


cloudhopping said...

so much ribbon gorgeousness!

Jennifer Rose said...

oh lots of pretty ribbons! love the blue

Caroline said...

oh no! more absolutely gorgeous ribbon x

Debbie Gootter said...

I heart ribbon

Shauna said...

mmmmm, love it all!! I love hopping over to your blog for color - it's overcast and gray over here in Oregon today!! At least the leaves are a changin!!

Kim said...

I want those ribbons to pack my Thanksgiving gifts….


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