Measure Up - Also New....

 This fun pink and black fabric trim / ribbon is now in
It repeats in 10inch sections and has a retro feel but in a yummy modern colour combination.
 I also popped a bag of these little babies into the shop
They are Mini Spring Flings - a 25g bag as they are pretty small and they are retailing at a bargain £0.90 per bag. There are a limited number of bags available and a treat to any button collection.
They have a real Spring selection of yellow, blue, green and pink - all no bigger than 1cm. The big 1inch button is just for comparison.
 And a little reminder that i would LOVE to show off the Crafter who makes the bestest / wildest use of these Metal Mickey buttons. I am sore that i have been just too busy to give some brooches a try with these. maybe when the Summer gets a little nearer and i can turn the studio outside for a few hours...
Tomorrow is another coooool book and a set of new buttons that i am just so excited about - i adore them. They are too super cute for some crafters but a few of you.... will love them as much as me :)

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