Back to Business.... A week of *new* things....

Back to Business - this is my week of *new* products

Well, it can't be all 'birthdays' and cakey-ness now can it?
Besides, this is my own way of spreading that birthday feeling - the joy of fun things and indulging our own passions.
Every day this week i shall be adding pretty new *wants* to the shops.
Today is the new 100g bag (or more) of Metal Mickey Buttons - - - she, she, she shines on!
A pure awesome Pirates Treasure Chest of metal and metal coloured buttons.
Think: Steampunk, gothic, pirates, nautical themes.
I am desperate to find time to make a brooch using these. They are hardcore funky buttons, not for a whimsy girl but a Crafter with grit i feel.
There is so much...
Sooooooo much to tell you about.
But i want to tease you. I like it! so.... watch out this week for all the new-ness and aaahhhsss and oooohhhhss of This Crafty Buttony World xxx

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