Bows!... i know! love 'em or hate 'em, Kitsch heaven...

I adore these - on every level
Perfect for prettying up a childs cardigan -
awesome use in kitsch and emo-punk jewelery and accessories
they are just a lovely shape and size.

I am about to list them in both the BigFish shop on Etsy and
i *think* these will be sold in sets of 8 but they average at around 40p per bow which is actually quite a bargain for these unusual and large buttons.
A pair of each 4 colours = 8 buttons = £3.50 per bag
or 10 of each colour in a bag = 40 buttons = £15.00 which is better value and approx 37p per bow.
 The 3rd of 4 new books in the shop.....
i was not prepared to like this book at all when i picked it up but i was so wrong.
This is inspirational more than instructional. If you work with children / teens / even adult wokshops then this is the best book for you. There are so many cute photographs and ideas to inspire you.
 Awesome sock pigs - i have never wanted to make a sock animal, until i saw these cuties.
These may even work their way into a Summer kids Craft workshop for the holidays...
 Instructions are clear and helpful, but truly... you cannot muck up a sock creature. The more individual they are, the better they look and the more fun you have.
 I have 4 of these still  ThankU MsC - make that 3 now in the shop but once they are gone, they are gone - so if you are keen... this is your moment.
I am elbow high in chocolate cake making today (maFish birthday tomorrow, ssshhhh)
See you later xxx


The Krafty Cupcake said...

The book looks amazing. So do the bows lol good luck with the baking! Sue x

frou-frou said...

Oh OH OH those buttons! I NEED some. Guess where I'm going right now...

PaperFish! said...

sorry frou - i don't mean to tempt but i luve too.
That book has filled me with ideas for my kids workshops. so cute.


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