Books are here....

In an exciting twist to the Blog i am bringing you an entire WEEK of stunning new products
for sale in the shop
Obviously, the benefit of ordering some books to sell is that KirstyFish gets to keep them all, mwahaha
There are 4 new titles listed.
Listen, i know that EVERYBODY gets their books from Amazon - why wouldn't you? they are very efficent and well priced but i hope to introduce the one element that Amazon cannot provide you...
customer service!
Each new book has been handpicked by me and chosen because they have all the qualities i value as a crafter and retailer. Nice weight of paper. Good prints and fonts. Stunning photos, clear instructions. Funky ideas and things you want to make.
This is perhaps my favourite of all the titles and the one most suited to a PaperFish customer.
It is called "Button & Stitch" and is by a Seattle based Crafter called Kristen Rask
Full of  new ways to use buttons in craft. Very lovely ideas and pictures.
I love this pincushion button jar - very easy to make.
Everything in this book is suited to beginners or advanced crafters looking for a new direction.
If you have one or two special / vintage / expensive buttons then this book has ideas for you.
Explanations on what glues to use and how to attach buttons for long lasting use.
Incorporating fabrics and how to expand one idea and technique into many uses.
I have worked with buttons for years and there were many ideas in here i am going to try.
All books are limited to maybe 2 - 5 copies of each. I can re-order popular titles on occasions but as 'Book Selling' is a bit new to me, i thought i wouldn't order in a huge container ship full.... you know.
I have, of course, kept a copy of every book for myself. I find them all full of awesome ideas for my workshops with children.
Keep checking the blog over the next week or so as i will go into detail for each new book.
I also have a COOL competition coming for next week and will be asking regular readers and customers help me choose some new button stock.
yippeeee x


The Craft Attic said...

The books look lush, but just wanted to thank you for my beautiful needlebook and spotty buttons, arrived yesterday and I am so excitied, thank you x

PaperFish! said...

all good! x


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