Winner! winner! attention,,,,, win-ner.....

 Hey!.... There is a Winner :) sorry for the delay - but i have been chillaxing in the Sunshine this week.
Above is the little prize. March copy of "Making" magazine plus a button bag, plus a little pincushion and a button brooch.
I have put an order in for some buttons. For the time being, we'll have a few of the BLOOMING GORGEOUS and also the VINTAGE BAKELITES
I shall let you know when they are here...
or maybe i won't?
maybe i shall keep them all for my own selfish pleasures, mwahahahaaaa.
 oh, i am sorry - who won?
Mmmmmm..... Melissa!
and She wrote:
"If I was still a child I would be clutching these in my fist and carrying them everywhere I went, checking every so often to make sure I still had them!!
Which is so sweet.
My SmallFish put 2 buttons in her Locket at the weekend as she wanted something 'precious' to put in there. Soooo cute. And we haven't changed as adults, have we?

You can rest assured Melissa is a random choice from scrolling through the LOVELY (by the way) comments - as Mel lives in Canada! and i would have chosen a UK winner to save on postage if i had fixed this in anyway, hahahha - thankyou Mel!!
 Random Button Bags in the BigFish shop....
Just including them here as i thought the photos looked so nice.
Thankyou Button Lovers )) O (( Buttony cuddles.

Next week i am putting a call out.... anyone who makes stuff using any products. I shall be calling on you and i shall let you know why vey soon x


Melissa said...


This makes me so utterly happy!! How wonderful to read your post to find that I have won your contest!! I'll email you my mailing address shortly!!

Thanks again! :D

Jennifer Rose said...

congrats to her :)

BuTtOnZ said...

Congrats Melissa :)


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