pOm pOm Trimmings are here....

I know, i know, too much to handle.... brain   cannot   compute
pOm pOm (i love that word) Trim.

£2.70 per metre in Aqua, Apple and Raspberry
or you can order a card of 15m / 18yds for £31.00 so you can have lots and lots of it for your bags and purses and cushions and fun-ness.
paperfishltd@googlemail.com - if you want to order.

 each pOm is about 1cm so a great size for clothing and accessories. Not too 'in your face'
I could just look at those colourful photos all day. It would be enough for me i think.
 Another awesome book in the shop, is THIS!
Crafty Supersta by Grace Dobush.
Although directed at the American market it is still full of great tips on setting yourself up to sell Crafts.
 It is a beautiful book with nice fonts, lovely Matt paper, rounded corners, direct contents....
 How to handle ETSY.... really, i know i have said it and said it but i wouldn't order a book unless i loved it. LovePaperFish has already sold a couple to some locals who want to give 'selling crafts' a go.
 I have about 5 copies left in total and then they are gone.
Pass it onto a friend when you've finished or even sell it on if you want. That is the best way to re-use books in my humble opinion.

We might need a bigger webshop... and a bigger studio at this rate!
 (looking for staff... those who don't mind a terribly wage, a crazy ole boss, and much tea and cake!?)


Lisa said...

Ooooohhh!! pOm pOm trims!! I neeeed them so bad!! Will definately order some soon, as I'm planning some cushions featuring the large spotty buttons I bought from you at MAKE. They will need pOm pOms!! (I'd happily work for tea & cake!!)xx

PaperFish! said...

hey you! i was thinking - *must enquire as to next MaKe sale* as i have some fun bits...

Quirky Boots said...

those pom poms are lush colours :)
i would defo work for tea and cake to be in the company of madness and pom poms lol x

Julia said...

Loving the pom pom trim, what fab colours. Chloe would *LOVE* to work for you - you could pay her in buttons ;0) x

belclau said...

Oh, no!!!!!
But I live in the continent... :(
Otherwise, I'd LOOOOOOOVE to work for you in a "crafty, buttony, fishy, caky world" :)
Beautiful pompoms!!!!!
And fantastic book... Can I order it from the continent?????
I'll try...
Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!!!!


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