Calling you's Show & Tell time.

 Quite frankly, look at me.
I am far too busy sitting around in my pyjamas and drinking tea, to be making stuff with my own amazing supplies. It is very hard work being this Ditsy you understand.
 So i call upon you - those readers who are also my beloved shop customers.
I need you to send me stuff.
Don't panic. I am not on the scrounge for freebies myself. I just request one or two photographs from you.
I would like to share what you have been making...
Using PaperFish supplies...
either for you and yours...
or if you make to sell...
Just send me a photo or 2 with a link of where to buy - if you are selling them
I shall endeavour to blog as many as i can.
BUT: if you don't get a blog mention please don't get upset, it may be that i get inundated with photos! and how would i cope with that? Or it might be that i got very busy with life all of a sudden. Please don't take it personally.
If you want to send me a photo + link, please do, and i will try to get it to blog.
I love to see what you're making and i know others will too.
Enjoy the Sunshine x


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I must really be lacking in confidence as here I am thinking why would I send photos of my makes, I don't sell them etc. It just feels like me indulging when I should be doing other things.
Although when I think about it anything I craft with felt, buttons or ribbon comes from your shop[s] Fishy.
Ignore me, I fear I am in a funny mood today and it is probably due to the clocks changing.

PaperFish! said...

Because sharing our makes is inspiring to each other. You are in a funny. Big squashy hug x

Mrs B said...

love the first photo so much, you lovely loon x


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