Monday Blues

 I have the Monday Blues...
I put it down to a week of fun Craft Fairs and thus, utter exhaustion.
SmallFish needs an angel costume (at 48hrs notice if you please) and i still have a few more fairs to go. I think i just need a glass of something with MrsB and a decent meal.
 But i still have the urge to create and sew. I just feel nicer when the fabric is running through my fingers and my eyes are fondling the ribbons "what shall i use for this project...?"
I think my new supplies that recently arrived, have given me a new direction.
Smaller brooches - sweeter - easier to wear and slightly more subtle?

Expect many more of these in 2011
HUGE sale items in to be continued through into January and the shop cleared for new stock. I feel like i need a bit of a re-vamp. A fresh approach.
 But, to lift me from the Monday Malaise...
a huge *wave* and smile to all those lovely ladies at MaKe on Sunday. I had a sore throat from so much talking. A big thanks to Chloe for being a sweetheart. A 'have fun' all those who bought supplies and chatted to me about your projects. Truth is... i love sharing my enthusiasm and i love it when you all share yours with me.
 ThankU so much to the talented and pretty and i cannot wait to give these at Christmas. And CCccooooeeee to Emma LK and her Mum xx and also the BookShop sweetie and HER mum - stop following me! (no, don't) have the most lovely Christmas xx
 The delightful Lion is actually for me. I am putting together a great collection of creatives from other artists and crafters for my studio. Things that delight and inspire me.
Tell me to take a break?
It's just... i have so many ideas and so many fun things to share....
2011 is a fine time to roll all these out. I need to chill out and get a smile back.

Before tomorrow evenings Festive Shopping Fair (another, i know!) I think i might pop to the Antiques Cellar in the morning and a local Jumper Sale.
I need the warmth of Wool and the indulgence of vintage.


Vintage Tea Time said...

Oh, hope you've perked up a bit now. I know what you mean - you get such a lot of adrenaline going for making stuff / going to / being at these Fairs, etc., then there's a sort of exhausted anti-climax time afterwards. Yes, treat yourself to a new jumper and / or something vintage!

Lisa said...

I love those badges, really wish I'd bought one on Sunday!! But so happy with my cushion, which now has pride of place on my bed, & the spotty buttons (too many ideas what to do with them!!) My daughter hasnt put her lion down since she got it, I think Im going to have to practice my crocheting to make some more!! Hope the Monday blues have not turned into Tuesday blues, & good luck with the angel costume. xx

LissyLou said...

gorgeous gorgeous makes!!

PaperFish! said...

oh Lisa - i thought it was you *hi*
i did buy 2 jumpers... as gifts! typical and might show you the vintage treasure also (get camera out) big Tuesdays Squeezes x

Julia said...

Thank you again for adopting Chloe for the day, she had a great time with you! As soon as we got home she looked straight on your website -expect an order as soon as she's saved up some pennies ;0) It's a shame your new studio wont double up as a shop as she'd be in heaven!! xx

Mrs B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs B said...

pants! Tried to leave a creatively witty picture....should have known not to be clever!

prosecco on ice......fondu to soothe the soul and encourage perspective by being achingly tongue in cheek! !


Mrs B said...

Oh and I feel your pain....bloody angel costumes! I had a son and still didn't escape it! Lucky he has a well developed sense of camp kitsch!

meplusmolly said...

Hope that your week going well and you've lost the monday blues. Am feeling blue as had weekend full of craft events and supposed to be another full weekend this one but think the hideous snow is going to stop it!! :(
Hope you got the rest of my email about 2011 plans :) xx

Highland Monkey's said...

Wish we had fairs like that here. It must be really nice bouncing ideas off like minded people.

Kit said...

It was so nice to meet you and to see all your gorgeous creations in person. I love my little Babuska girl :o)
Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog, I feel so privileged.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope to see you at the MaKe Christmas fair next year.


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