Christmas is here... busy!

 I have my first official Christmas Fair on Saturday morning... i have been sewing up some final pieces for the stall.... busy.
 I have to get the last few items decorations and items listed in the SnowFish shop... busy!
 I have had many deliveries over the past week - things need unpacking and every item needs a home or i will NEVER find it again! future projects and supplies replenish.... busy.
 Last minute Bulk orders and Custom requests *so proud and pleased* .... busy!
 Got to somehow fit in my own Xmas shopping and ordering of photo-books and calenders and a million 'events' for the Local School and village fundraisers... busy.
 And i cannot use the toilet as the new bathroom flooring isn't dry yet... (bursting)
But i can get on and finish the Studio interior as The Man with The Floor has finished... busy!!
What was that story i found about Babushka?

"Once upon a time, in a Russian village, there lived a woman called Babushka. She always seemed to be busy with sweeping, polishing, cooking, dusting, gardening... so busy that she began to lose sight of all the beautiful things around her. So busy, she didn't look up to see the brightest new star that had appeared in the night sky..."

The Babushka tale is a very old story. So old that many Russian children no longer know it at all. It is a cautionary tale about a woman too busy to notice anything around her... so busy in fact, she missed the arrival of baby Jesus.
Busy, yes. But never too busy for what truly matters in life xxx


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

When are you not busy, Fishy?

Can I say I am smitten, quite in adoration of those spirally beards, are they coming to a shop near us? Please say yes, I keep looking at Snowfish wondering what decs I need (not want you understand!) and I hope to see them there very soon.

Vintage Tea Time said...

My, you are a busy bee! Lovely things you've been busy with - the baboushka dolls are great! A good cautionary tale for us all!!

Mrs B said...


I loooooooooove you! lovely lovely lovely post!

I am sosososososoooooooooooo busy! I need to look up too!

Lets meet soon x

Emma Loves Stitching said...

LOve the Father Xmas in the top photo, are you selling them in your shop as couldn't see them listed?? Also how much as they're gorgeous.
Keep up the busy, busy!!

Anonymous said...

those are the prettiest Santas' I have ever seen sooo cute and lovely!

Menopausal musing said...

Stunning stuff Fishy! :O)

Greedy Nan said...

What lovely things! How long did all that take you? I'd still be thinking about it whilst you have it all for sale.
Particularly loving the fabric. What is it and where did it come from?

PaperFish! said...

It is no secret that the sitting santas are a pre-printed fabric by Lecien. I have quilted / stuffed / decorated mine etc... i was expecting them to be very small but they are pretty big!
Have a go!

meplusmolly said...

Absolutely inspiring as always! love you little lady. Will have to email you at some point, perhaps after christmas and you're busy creating! (have rather large plans afoot!) xx

meplusmolly said...

Ooooops or got to say too am sure my mum would love one of your santas, let me know when they appear for purchase!! x


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