Colour Therapy....

 Time to share this weeks news in our weekly Colour Therapy session.
This is my regular group meeting to stop me going insane. There are a few other members who pop in and out, as and when they need to (you know who you are) but mainly, this is pure self indulgence.

In todays news: I waved a rather sad goodbye to my Caribou Collection. I made Santa's Reindeer last year - a set of 9 - in the secret knowledge nobody would be mad enough to buy them but i loved the project. Alas and huzzah! in simultaneous unison, they sold. Good Luck in your new home boys xxx
 New colour collections of mixed Felt Balls. The same colours as i sell but just re-mixed to inspire projects. It is an aim of mine with selling supplies - in my business manifesto "To inspire & provide"
So, the above is "Tomte Mix" (Scandinavian Elven folk colour mix)
 And these are what i call my "Gingerbread Mix" with browns, red, orange and pink - my favourite storytime colours for Christmas. I am making garlands from this mix with fabric scraps and pom-poms.
 Chaos as always.... the shop stock is mostly moved to the new Studio (which is now a heaving mess) so i have got all my own 'at home' supplies stashed messily in vintage suitcases and boxes. I cannot find a thing. I am looking forward to New Year as i LOVE tidiness and effeciency. The thought of tidying all my stash is fantastic and life can run better in this fashion.
 MiniBabushka's selling well in the online shop - again, these colours.... this riot of 'bright' is so uplifting on these colder, greyer, wetter days.
And - a pair of Lime & Blue handled scissors.
It is the small things in life (hey MrsB?) that make everything big seem posible and a little less daunting.
Whack a smile on your face people xxx


Alison Wood said...

This really cheered me up on a Monday morning - thank you :-)

Mrs B said...

;-) you know it dude!

Carrie said...

Wow lovely colours! I loved the reindeer how sweet! :) I think you have inspired me for the day now! thankyou xxxx

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I needed that Fishy as I have picked up yet ANOTHER cold. The washing machine won't switch on [ahh!!] and I'm surrounded with white tissue mounds.
You've inspired me to cheer myself up sewing some colour.
Lovely post!

Vintage Tea Time said...

A lovely, cheerful post - thanks, much needed!! Love the reindeer!

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Love this post (as I do with all your posts) We all say that we moan on Mondays, well we must all take a positive leaf out of your post... inspirations for the day and the week :)
Caroline x x

PaperFish! said...

))))(((( feels like a group hug coming on.....


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