Christmas Cheer...

 These little 'Santa Men' have caused a bit of a stir! I have had some fantastic reaction from friends, family, customers, blogland-ers. What a huge compliment and thankyou.
But... it feels a little fraudulant...
 These Santa Men arrive on a yard of fabric all pre-printed in their gorgeousness.
I know, it is what you do with the fabric that creates the charm and interest of anything handmade. But i feel a little 'lesser' because i didn't design him. And when you live and work in a world, such as ETSY - i am surrounded by profound talents. It is very humbling.
 Yes, they have been 'Fished', in that i have quilted them, interfaced, stuffed, buttoned and bell'ed the chunky little Christmas Dudes (they are weighted too with a secret method, to keep him stood upright)
But i am someone who takes immense pride in my own original designs, and that is why these feel 'lesser'
The same can be said for these darling Babushka decorations.
I adore these and everyone in my family is getting one! But the true hard work isn't mine. They are fiddly little ladies to cut, stuff, sew etc... but the charm is really in the beautiful fabric.
 I am not asking for forgiveness from the Craft Gods or anything - it is just a sense of Pride i think i am talking about. These decorations are great fun to make and i love the end product but they are nowhere as satisfying as designing something from scratch.
 2010 seemed to be full of genuine stories where Artists and Designers were being ripped off - their work stolen and replicated all over, from small internet traders to large corporate giants. And i can understand that some people would say this is flattering but it must also feel very frustrating.
 And so i have concluded that my word for 2010 is INTEGRITY.
Can you look at your life, your work, your actions and intentions and warmly know that you are acting with integrity?
When i feel like stopping this handmade madness... when i see the Mass produced items people are buying for Christmas.... when i feel slightly 'lesser' for using a pre-printed fabric.... i just ask myself the question:
"Are you acting with integrity? Are you honest and true?"
 Yes, I feel I have integrity.
I love being part of the handmade movement.
I love doing what i do and staying true to my own ideas and ideals.
I am not giving out a lesson here.
Far be it from me to judge anyone other than myself.
But blogging is great place for me to sort through things in my head that have been confusing me of late.


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I 'get' what you mean about 'lesser' BUT that long list of what you did with that pre-designed fabric says it all.
Really it does and therein lies the integrity.
Does that mean you're gonna sell me one Fishy??

PaperFish! said...

go ON then.... if you really want one! haha, there are 5 sizes from big to small. I'll measure them for you.... ))(( glad you are here!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...


You've made a still poorly, hormonally grumpy, woman very very happy!
I loves Christmas so!!!
AND I don't have to decide between stalking or bribery.

Heather said...

hello :)

Are the santa-men going to go into your shop? I think they're awesome.

Heather xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I think you have seen a piece of fabric and been inspired by it, you should not feel bad for that! Fab makes!

Vintage Tea Time said...

The santas and the dolls are lovely - and you've made them really, really well - and personalised them! I know what you mean, though - I made a bag recently from a kit, and it felt a bit 'lesser'. Integrity - bring it on!

PaperFish! said...

Ah, ladies ))big squeeze(( i shall remember this at my weekend "craft" show when the man next to me is selling mass produced TAT hand over fist.

Emma Loves Stitching said...

I think the santas are fab and you've made them individual, that takes more skill then mass production.
Would love to buy one if they're for sale??

Greedy Nan said...

I've looked but can't see them on your Etsy. Where are they? All sold?

Anonymous said...

You have it by the bucket load, wish the same were true across craftland my dear. x

Jessie said...

We love our Santa, hes trying to sit nicely on the fireplace but people keep running off with him.


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