Craft Booth Pictures...

You **knoooow** you want to see photos from this weekend's Craft Fair....
You know you want me to show you the delights and delectables from my Christmas Craft weekend....

The car is packed and ready to go. We are in a Marquee this year, as opposed to the main House, so i am dressed ready! Chunky scarf and wool layers a-go-go. Thick socks and Big Boots.
 I popped over to the venue, the afternoon before so i had already managed to nab my preferred area. In a corner and next to the heating!
We had clips and bits so i managed to hang fabric and quilts from the back of the Marquee to help keep us cosy and get the stall 'in the mood'.
(i am saying 'we' as my mum helped me allll weekend xx)
I love having 2 tables in this shape as it has an inviting shop feel to it. A cosy corner of Christmassy Crafting. It is also easier having two 'counters' to serve from as it can get very busy when chatting.

 Fat Santa Men..... Lavender Cushions displayed in Vintage a trug.... my Nans old pot stand at the back (which i spray painted about 2 hours before it arrived here)
 Lovely colourful quilts to keep us happy and let everybody see "There is a fun stall down the back here"
 And, of course, all the Christmas Decorations ready to be mauled by children who approach the stall with a kind of wild and wonderful gleam in their eye... "Mummy, loooooook"
Children and adults are welcome to fondle our merchandise. It is a scratch and sniff stall.
 And the EVER wonderful Jo & Charity were at the Fair. I love these ladies - unfortunately they have no website to direct you to, so you'll have to dream and ponder their wares....
 And, introducing my new Crafty Bosom Buddies: Random Granny & Elsie Sparrow.
I am going to find where they live and stalk them. I hope that's okay with them?
I am in love - they are truly mind sparkling.
Their stall looked divine and magical. Their creations are heart tickling.
 I bought some *cute* little girls with plaits - these 3 are destined for the SmallFish Christmas Gift Advent Calender. Don't worry, she can't read yet and won't come to the blog and see.
Also (terrible quick photo - sorry) behind 'the girls' is a quilted and appliqued Ice-Cream Van zipper purse which i bought for myself. Just dreamy :)
 I fell in love with this rug as SOOOOOOON as my friend Jo put it on her stall.
Just look at it! It is awesome. She charged me way too little for it. These should sell in Liberty's for hundreds of pounds. It is knitted..... (wait for that information to sink in.....) Yes - k n i t t e d!
Using giant needles and old rugs cut into long strips.
 It is so thick and chunky and cosy and perfect.
I should have asked her to do me a scarf....
(Which reminds me of a project i want to do with Felted wool jumpers....)
 The moment i saw it, i wanted to get my bare feet scrunched into it's chunky warmth.
I have put it in my bathroom as the colours reflect fantastically off all that bathroom white-ness.
I LOVE it - thankU Jo. Thankyou to all the Ladies i bought from over the weekend. ThankU for being wonderful and for making unique and quirky handmade goods.
ThankU for the handmade chocolates (that i ate so quick they never got near the camera)
ThankU for the knitted Guinea Pig and the Vintage fabric Angel
Thank GOD for the talents and tenacity of those who craft by hand xxxx
And ohhhhhh, thanks for a day off at home.
Squelching about in pink socks and yellow slippers. Mopping the floors and washing down the kitchen. Putting the clothes into the was machine and eating mushrooms on toast.
Lucky, happy, satisfied me xxxx


~Nicole~ said...

so beautiful!
have a great week

Alison Wood said...

Fantastic, I would have loved to have paid a visit to your gorgeous stall :-)

Kit said...

wow your stall looks fab :o) I love your stall ideas and your creations they are sooo inspiring.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Wow, your stall looked great - really inviting. Some lovely stuff you've made! Hoipe you did well! The other stalls looked good too. Great mat!

Mrs B said...

*heart tickled*


I almost draw a sigh, I feel full!

gorgeous things, pretty writing....mushrooms on toast x

Highland Monkey's said...

Wow so much loveliness in one small corner. Hope you got to sell loads.

Lucy Jackson Designs said...

As always looking fantastic, I am sure you know already but just in case i seen your needle books in craft

Jenevieve said...

Your stall looks fantastic! Great photos, love the rug! :) x

Keepapi Creative said...

oh I wish I was in Northamptonshire! looks wonderful. really gorgeous! Jacs x

meplusmolly said...

Gorgeous-ness ala Fish, what more could you want??!!! X


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