It's all kinda HipHipHooray and BooooSucks, at the same time....

 So, it is a Joyous occasion when we begin to get the decorations out and start to fill the house with Christmas Cheer. I am happy with our new Cherry Blossom Tree, utterly untraditional but the colour of those lights is spectacular.
 Tonight, i am mulling the wine and we are hanging the decorations (as we ran out of steam last night!)
 Loving Cath Kidston vintage Xmas designs this year - just dreamy :)

And then.......
the bad bits...........
I send out HUGE apologies to customers far and wide for delayed and lost packages.
There is simply nothing i can do.
I pride myself on 24hr postage and it is something i feel is really valued by my customers.
Many of you have been waiting weeks - some parcels have never arrived and i have had to send secondary parcels out. This isn't even restricted to my worldwide customers... it is UK too.
Shame on you UK Post Office Services.

So, i bite the bullet and order my treasured item via courier - paying extra for the privalige.
(see photo above)
They decide to leave the item smashed in my porchway. Despite the heavy duty wrapping over it - the box it is in, and the huge sign on the outside saying "fragile - glass"

HipHipHooray and BooSucks.
What's a girl to do?


Pink Blossom Creations said...

Poor you with the postage and your parcel, sometimes I wonder if the couriers have any respect.. big hugs...
But loving your Christmas Decorations you have put up fab fab fab
Caroline xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Your Christmas decs pics are great - very stylish! What a bloomin' nuisance about the parcels! Poor you.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

lovely decorations but ggggrrrr to the post office re the parcels, very annoying and bad. I have heard of one person sending a parcel to a customer and it arrived empty with the contents taken out!

PaperFish! said...

oh that too swwetpea!

martienna said...

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is very very very cute !
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