Room for more Buttons?

 You might be **amazed** to hear that i have managed to find a colour of button that i didn't have in stock. Yes - that is right, there is another colour you may, or may not, need:
Helloooo..... Chocolate Brown!!
 We call him Charlie Brown and this colour is like a deep, high cocoa content chocolate. I want to eat them. I want to eat most of my buttons actually, but these are particularly good for PMS (to imagine eating... not actually eating) Earthy and Autumnal... would i be mad to say 'too much colour' is a bad thing on occasion? and sometimes we want a more muted shade to play with.
For those of you who knit and / or like a more muted tone for your projects - there are a few pairs of larger 5cm buttons in the Etsy shop:
 And these are a limited edition set of Vintage Plastic buttons - with shank reverse, ideal for jewelery.
A deco or Arts & Craft feel to the design.
And this is the cheeky fella who has been ram-raiding the Peanut stock in our Garden.
Feeling so Autumny now. LittleFish and I met a Badger out when we were Hallowe'en-ing last night. Cool to live in the Country x


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

That title wasn't a serious question?

Keepapi Creative said...

Oh my of course! Never too many buttons. Thanks for the link. Jacs x


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