*Important News* ...if you are coming to the MaKe Fair in Wolverton - this Sunday....

 Ok, Ok, so it isn't soooo important but i wanted to tell you anyway.
I have had a few emails from lovely local ladies pre-ordering supplies for Delivery on SUNDAY at "MaKe" in Wolverton. This is more than OK with me. It saves on hassles and postage.

If you are coming to MaKe and want specific items from any of my online shops - please don't assume the whole range will be available on the day as that is far from possible.
 I will have mixed Button Bags and some Shapes & Patterns but by no means will i be bringing the entire range. http://bigfish.etsy.com/ if there are items you want do let me know via email on Thursday or Friday this week. I am out at a Fair allll day tomorrow too, so don't fret if i don't reply directly.
 The same applies to the Felt. http://fuzzyfish.etsy.com/ i will have some smaller packs of Acrylic Felt and maybe some Wool Felt but not all these rolls. So if you want half metres / metre packs, just drop me an email.
So... what will i be bringing??
Well, lots of the http://snowfish.etsy.com/ decorations but again, not all.
Some Lavender Cushions and textile bits but no NeedleBooks and no Bunting that is 'non Xmas'.
As it stands right now, i have sold out of Angels and Xmas Bunting.
I will see how tomorrows fair goes in terms of stock. I still have Thursday, Friday, Saturday to do any catch up sewing.
It may sound a bit 'drastic' this Blog Post, but really, i'd hate it for a local person to come along expecting a 'something' which isn't there.
We have limited table space at any fair and i have limited car space! and physical energy to LUG this lot everywhere i go.
""phew"" AND,,,,, saving the best news till last,,,,, there is *new* stripey ribbon going into the shops, yippee! AND i will have BARGAIN BASKETS at MaKe on Sunday - filled with de-stash fabrics that i cannot find a use for. And Older Design Brooches as PaperFish gets a mega MAKEOVER for 2011.
New fabrics from Japan and the US and big bags of bargain ribbons for wrapping and *new* lush Ribbon Bags too.
Gosh, i am tired out now! 
See ya xxx


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I wish!!!

PaperFish! said...

oh come on!!? anyway, you'll be away, no??


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