More Cute-ness *sigh*

Oh the joy....
i have had such a nice time making these new "PinPuffs". What is it about them that makes me so satisfied? I like their 'littleness' and their oblong / sqaure-ish shape.
And i like the lace detailing with the ribbon tag "sewing story".

I like using lots of different fabrics and mixing them up with contrasting coloured tags and backing fabrics.
I sooooo love this *new* SUMMERSVILLE sweetheart fabric - (i have made large cushions from this be continued)
It's the detail... look at that darling little birdie at the bottom! i never realised i was so very girlie...

Again, using fabric from SUMMERSVILLE with an appliqued Matroyshka.
There is so much variety and brightness.
Of course, there is also the lavender... i am *stoned* sat here in my little studio. Overcome with the fragrant fumes of organic lavender :)

So, yes! i am more than happy with all this new cuteness coming from the PaperFish studio this past week. I suppose i am enjoying NOT thinking about Christmas (for a change)
P.s *must not eat that amazing chocolate cake that i baked last night... must remember that fat thighs are not happy thighs...must think of New Year diet.... must not even wipe my finger round the edge of cake to sneak some icing*


Natasha said...

I'm feeling envious, I can't get back into the swing of it and am just looking at blogs!
I make lavender bags every year from our lavender bush and I always feel cold and tingly while I'm doing it!

Christine said...

Oh gorgeous - couldn't resist!

PaperFish! said...

and...sold to the pretty lady in her wedding dress! xxx

Yappy Dog said...

ooh lovely lavender - I think you are having a massive, torrential creative flow MS Fish.

PaperFish! said...

i'm on fire!!! don't worry - it'll fizzle out soon.... remember too that i have NO LIFE beyond this!


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