Oh lordy..... I've had a break.
It's been the Christmas Holiday.
My life right now is a bit:

It's a brand new year!!
Somebody tell me why i feel like a great big sack of spuds...


Ellouise88 said...

Awww don't feel so down. You create such gorgeousness that you are feeling a little outshone! Happy New Year and make a late resolution to do something that makes you feel better (like drinking?) Works for me! Love your blog!


Have given you a blog award.

stuffednonsense said...

awww, dont worry. im feeling the same way too!!

Gherkin said...

It cannot be! Your blog always puts a smile on my face and a spark of inspiration in my brain. Even on a day when you feel pants you still manage to post a beautiful picture! Put the kettle on, get the cake tin out; you know it will make you fell goo-ood!

For a post that meeds a pick-me-up isn't it strange that my word verification is "pickp"? Or is it just me?

Gherkin x

Mrs B said...

come and see me! I make a mean prosecco/vit C chaser! I love you! January....blah! Bollocks to it thats what I say! Watch Delia through the Decades on your iplayer! You will love it!! x

Mrs B said...

pretty blue eyes!!!

Mrs B said...

genius title!!

Mrs Mac said...

Hi Crafty Fish,

I've been following your blog for a while, and love all your fab creations! I feel exactly the same today ... something to do with my first day back at work after nice long break, I think! I'm hoping the glass of red wine I'm halfway through will set me right!

Hope you feel back to normal soon!

Helen x

PaperFish! said...

Oh what a lift! i checked the blog briefly and look at what nice things you said!? makes me feel teary xxx yeh, New Year / weather etc... you lovely peeps xx

Mrs B said...

N.B. you do realise this does not count towards our "ming" quota....looking too lovely to meet the gold standard of "ming" I am afraid! Sorry to disappoint! Please try harder! ;-)


Jim said...

Hi Ms Fish, you by no means look like a sack a spuds! Far from it! I myself tho' feel like are large bag of shiney new potatoes with a piece of farmers twine tied around the middle. Happy New Year and all that! Jim


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