Meet up with "MaKe" at Madcap...

A few people asked me about the MaKe event... so,a few details.
am not an organiser of the event but i write for the local Craftzine "Local Craft Matters" (who DO organise it all) so i am a part of the team in a way.
MaKe is held in Wolverton, Milton Keynes at THIS GREAT VENUE called Madcap. A big sunshiney space with great atmosphere. Easy to bring children and buggies. We are mostly upstairs but i believe it is disabled and 'buggy' friendly, with a lift... (i will check that again)
I will be there with my many Buttons, Felt Packs, Fabric by the half metre, Lavender cushions, Bunting, PinPuffs and Brooches... there will be a variety of artists and artisans with a real variety of handmade goodies.
There will also be CAKE! very important. And Tea! even more important.

Last time i was there (October 2009) there was a bead workshop people could book into. I cannot confirm if / what they will have at the next event.
I am hoping, this time, to have a small children's table for bracelet making. It is a little something to make them feel involved.
If you do have a spare hour or 2 to pop along - we'd love to see you!
If there are items of mine you have seen in the shops online and want me to bring them then you can always pre-order them and pick them up at the MaKe event. I cannot guarantee that what i have online, will also be what i have at the event...
So, keep an eyeout on my blog - when i know more details, so will you...
Our Dates:
Easter B/H Monday - 5th April.
August B/H Monday - August 30th.
Last Sunday in November - 27th.
11am ish - 3pm ish

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feltmeup designs said...

I wanna go! Sounds like a fantastic day, have fun, have a cake and cuppa for me!


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