Welcome to the Secret Forest...

I get itchy fingers...
Once i have spent a few days making NeedleBooks, i get the urge to make PinPots. And then i am "oh, so Over PinPots" and i want to move on to a new project.... it all goes in cycles.

Then i had a new delivery of Yummy DEER fabric and it had to be made into bunting immediately or else i would burst. WORLD STOP: i must sew bunting! Cute x100!?
I made 2 different colourways. A sort of Baby coloured 'Secret Forest' line of bunting, followed by a bright / more 'foresty' colourway. I don't know which i like better?
And, as i am like a human Crafting Machine, i had to make a few more whilst i was in the mood.
This line of bright orange and red Cath Kidston (below) *was* made for the shop.... but as i passed through my kitchen (which is a huge detour from the Studio) i found myself hanging it in my own kitchen :)
Yippee, lush! I am calling it "Juicy Lucy"

The Bakery Bunting has been made since last Summer! and sat waiting to be photographed till now. I do usually save bunting till the Spring - but feeling the cold weather in the UK and the chill of Post-Christmas Blues, i needed a colour injection.
Lastly, a re-working of a design that sold well last year - "Cool Britannia" OR "London Baby!"

Like i have said before, there is nothing for sale in my shops that One really "needs...." it is more about colour, fun, frivolity... i make no apologies x


Judith said...

All are fantastic. I love your creations x

dottydaisies said...

A girl can never have too much bunting !!!

vanessa said...

Credit to you for making bunting, i put it off so much my stock boxes will probably be waiting till this time next year!

Loving all the bunting colourways!

Vanessa x

Natasha said...

They are all gorgeous. I particularly like the cupcakes and the red and green!

Jennifer Rose said...

love the baking bunting :D

Vintage by LOU LOU said...

cute as! my fave is the last one with the red buses...


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